Tree falls on home with family inside


by Erika Flores

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Posted on April 26, 2014 at 9:52 PM

Updated Saturday, Apr 26 at 9:57 PM

PHOENIX -- A tree near 31st Avenue and Missouri was knocked over by high winds and fell on a home.

It caused some major damage to the roof and scared a young boy who was just on the other side of the window when it happened.

The Avendano family said the tree has been in their front yard for more than 15 years but when the high wind gusts hit the Valley it went crashing down.

George Avendano, 9, said he was in the room when it happened, “I was playing on my iPad,” said Avendano."The wind blew, and it fell down; I covered my ears and just ran right over there."

His cousin Hailey Luna and grandmother were in another room.

“It felt a little bit shaky," said Luna."I felt like my house did a noise, and then I told my grandma to wake up; I was scared that's why."

They didn't know what happened until they looked outside.

"I thought we had an earthquake here,” said Avendano. “I got scared."

"We saw from the window, and we saw the tree had fallen down," said Luna.

That's when the seven-year-old girl called mom.

Melin Luna said she was at work when she got that call.

“That scared me, so I had to come in right away," said Melin.

Once she saw everyone was okay she checked the damage.

She said she contacted their insurance company, and the family expects a representative to come out on Monday to look at the damage.

The family said they are just glad no one was hurt.