Exercises, key foods to get rid of your 'muffin top' in time for swimsuit season


by Alice Kleinpeter


Posted on February 27, 2013 at 3:35 PM

Updated Wednesday, Feb 27 at 3:35 PM

PHOENIX – The Valley is starting to see a nice warm-up in weather as we get into spring and that always draws attention to swimsuit season, but is that pesky "muffin top" interfering with your poolside plans?

Health and fitness expert Tiffani Bachus stopped by 3TV Studios to give us some great tips on losing the muffin top and enjoying swimsuit season to the fullest.

Bachus gives us a combination of exercises that can be done without even leaving your chair. Bachus notes the importance of sitting at the edge of your seat to get the most out of these exercises.

Seated knee lifts:
Sit at the edge of your chair with back straight. Slowly lift one knee up without trying to slouch. Bachus says to start out small doing 5 to 15 reps.

Forward fold: Start out at the edge of your seat, back straight. Slowly walk your hands down to the floor and back up, ending in a tall, seated position.

Seated side crunch: Sit up straight with your left hand on your head and right arm placed out to the side. Lean to the right side, inhaling as you crunch to the side. Bachus reminds you to keep your back straight and grip your abdominals as you do the exercise. Repeat on the other side.

Chair trunk twist: Sit up straight with hands together in front of your chest. Rotate your upper body to the right without moving the lower body. Return to center. Repeat on the other side.

Bachus said doing these four exercises will benefit you almost immediately.

“You’re going to start to feel a difference, you’re going to strengthen the body immediately, and prevent injuries,” she said adding that a bonus is better posture and a strengthened torso.

Food is just as important and the food we eat could be adding some extra fat to our midsection.

“It’s called visceral fat and we want to make sure we get rid of it,” Bachus said. “It’s metabolically active so we can actually banish that fat quickly with some key foods."

For protein, Bachus recommends tofu. Another great source of protein can be found in eggs. Another great addition to your diet is flaxseed.
“Again, a great fatty acid that helps inflammation and No. 2, has high fiber,” Bachus said. “So again that helps stabilize the blood sugar and of course helps some of those cravings or those dips that we have in our blood sugar level.”

For a good source of potassium, avocados and sweet potatoes are a great choice. Eggs are another key food to incorporate into your diet because of the protein they provide.