Police arrest 4 after laser pointed at helicopter


Video report by Karen Brown

Posted on September 3, 2013 at 5:46 PM

Updated Thursday, Sep 5 at 2:14 PM

Map: Laser arrests

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PHOENIX (AP) -- Phoenix police say they've arrested two men and two women after a laser beam was pointed at a police helicopter.

According to police, a red laser beam was directed at a patrolling police helicopter Sunday night, temporarily blocking the vision of the pilot and the observer.

Police say the helicopter crew was able to direct officers on the ground to a midtown apartment complex where police found a handgun with a laser attachment.

The apartment is on 7th Street just south of Osborn Road.

Officers arrested two men for investigation of endangerment and two women for investigation of obstructing government operations.

The suspects are Peter Ospitale, 28; Paul Word, 31; Mary Grace, 28 and Marci Gomez, 28.

Police say it's extremely dangerous to point a laser at an aircraft because it could temporarily blind the pilot, placing both the aircraft's occupants and people on the ground in danger.

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