Jacuzzi has history right here in the Valley


by Yetta Gibson


Posted on April 27, 2013 at 5:51 PM

Updated Sunday, Apr 28 at 3:33 PM

PHOENIX -- Meet Ken Jacuzzi, the man behind the iconic invention that is a symbol of relaxation around the world.

“One of the first things people always ask me…are you related or did you invent it…and I say no,” said Ken. “I say my father invented it.”

His father, Candido Jacuzzi, invented the Jacuzzi and the idea came to him in the 1940’s.

“When I was about 7 years old…a long time ago,” said Ken.

He suffered from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

“It left me badly, obviously, disabled…and stunted my growth,” said Ken.

The solution was hydrotherapy. It was a combination of water, heat and massage. This led Ken’s mother to present an idea to his father.

His father eventually showed the doctor his invention and the doctor suggested he make it for others.

Fast forward to the company and product we know as the Jacuzzi. The brand has reportedly made more than $300 million and the man that inspired this iconic piece of American history has advice for inventors hoping to see this type of success.

“Don’t give up,” said Ken. “You can’t tell… from one day to the next…your name may become synonymous with something very profound and…eventually known all over the world.”