Fisherman catches camera with long-lost wedding photos


by Karen Brown

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Posted on July 13, 2014 at 4:35 PM

Updated Tuesday, Dec 9 at 10:22 AM

CHANDLER, Ariz. -- When she had 25 messages in a matter of minutes, that’s when Chandler mom Kara Riding knew something was going on. And when she checked her Facebook, she found out that her long-lost wedding photos had been found on her friend Charlene Hunt’s long-gone camera in Utah.

“I was so excited," Riding said. "I called her twice and texted her and said, 'You have to call me. Call right now.' ”

A news station in Salt Lake City aired the story that an 82-year-old grandpa, Steve Putnam, had gone fishing in the Provo River and caught a camera.

Putnam’s grandson then pulled out the SIM card and realized that all 306 photos were in perfect condition. He put them on the news in hopes of locating the owner.

Riding said when she finally got Hunt on the phone in Utah and told her, “She was just elated. She started to cry. She was like, 'No way.' Such a great old man who was so nice enough to take the time to see if there were photos on there.”

Also on that camera was the only video taken of Riding walking down the aisle with her dad back in 2012. She was so excited to get that moment back.

It all started after the wedding, when Hunt went to the river and the camera fell out of her friend's pocket into the fast-moving current. She hadn’t backed up her data.

Riding said, “I was so bummed for her because I knew that there were some pictures from my wedding with her and some other people that just meant nothing but the world to her.”

But somehow the photos survived in the water making for a fairy tale ending to her wedding, two years in the making.