Bank glitch multiplies Thanksgiving transactions


by Karen Brown

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Posted on November 29, 2013 at 9:39 PM

Updated Monday, Dec 2 at 5:59 PM

PHOENIX -- On the dinner table at Erin Christy's house this Thanksgiving was $762 worth of pie.

Christy purchased three pies and withdrew $20 in cash from a grocery store on Wednesday for a total of $35. But a bank glitch multiplied her transaction 24 times.

"I wanted to break my computer because it kept going every time I refreshed the screen," she said. "It kept going up and up, and I didn't know when it would stop. I was afraid of late fees. I was afraid of overdraft."

The glitch wiped out Christy's SunBank Arizona account, leaving her with a negative balance on Thanksgiving and much of Black Friday.

Christy said the bank fixed the problem at noon Friday, but by then she had missed out on several deals she hoped to get.

"They took my Black Friday, they took my holiday, and all they told me was, 'I'm sorry,' " she said.

A customer service representative at SunBank Arizona said transactions were replicated on Nov. 26 and 27 at all seven sister banks nationwide, including Armed Forces Bank.

Christy said at least a dozen people with the same problem stood in line with her at the SunBank branch inside Walmart at 19th Avenue and Bethany Home Road.

The mother of four children said she hopes to find other deals before Christmas.

The representative said a team has been working around the clock at the bank's Missouri headquarters, trying to fix the problem. She said people who were overcharged should call the customer service line or visit a SunBank Arizona branch.