U of A students see future of medicine through Google Glass


by Jaime Cerreta

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Posted on April 3, 2014 at 10:27 PM

Updated Friday, Apr 4 at 5:13 AM

PHOENIX -- Medical students at University of Arizona's College of Medicine -- Phoenix got their hands on Google Glass before it has even been released.

"We were one of the first batch of winners of Google's 'If I had Glass' competitions, and we've had Google Glass about nine months now," Christian Dameff said.

Dameff and his colleague, Jeff Tully, are fourth-year medical students.

"We thought, 'Wouldn't it be really cool if we put Google Glass on the heads of standardized patients, who are actors trained to portray a physical ailment?' " Tully said.

They wanted to bring the new technology into medical classrooms and found some great uses for it, like calling in a specialist on video chat.

"They can say 'OK Glass, call a hand surgeon,' and the hand surgeon would be able to see through the eyes of the doctor, essentially through the front of Google Glass, at the injury," Dameff explained.
Google Glass can also record what a student is seeing, allowing teachers to see how the student handled a patient. Patients can also wear the glasses to record a student's bedside manner.

U of A's College of Medicine -- Phoenix has eight sets of Google Glass and is looking through the lens at the future of medicine.

"It's something we've had academic research projects going on and pilot projects and grants, really to the point to where we can say U of A -- Phoenix is really the world leader of Google Glass research in medical education," Tully said.