New Scottsdale restaurant connects past with present in historic house


by Javier Soto

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Posted on February 20, 2013 at 11:35 AM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 30 at 4:47 AM

Map: The House Old Town Brasserie

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- In 1964, Dionne Warwick sang "A House is Not a Home." That's true -- until said house is filled with family and memories.

With that definition, Scottsdale's newest restaurant, The House Old Town Brasserie, certainly qualifies.

This house is the second-oldest house in Scottsdale and was once an actual home to the Mowry family. Built in 1939, a loving couple and their four daughters squeezed into this tiny abode

"We only had one bathroom," Diana Mowry-Green said. "Poor Daddy -- four girls and only one bathroom."

Fast forward 74 years and the house has been reintroduced as a chic new Scottsdale restaurant.

Although the decor has changed, the food is designed to remind you of the good ol' family feeling.

"This is The House. This is my house and you're going to come here and I'm going to cook for you, making you dinner" proclaimed chef and owner Matthew Carter.

With the blessing of the Mowry family, the restaurant opened about a month ago.

Carter surprised the family by keeping and saving their big tree in the backyard. 

"That was our Christmas tree one year and it was a live tree," Mowry-Green said. "The folks didn't want to get rid of it so they planted it in the back. That was 1943 or 1944."

The restaurant is part of a past-meets-present establishment, preserving Scottsdale's history.

The House is located at 6936 E. Main Street, down the street from the Valley Ho.