Phoenix neighborhood light display attracts thousands



Video report by Jason Volentine

Posted on December 25, 2013 at 5:02 PM

Updated Wednesday, Dec 25 at 5:20 PM

PHOENIX -- 'Twas the night before Christmas and all down the street, every neighbor was stirring and straining for a peek.

Thousands of people walked and drove the streets of the Moon Valley subdivision on Christmas Eve to admire dozens of houses festooned with lights.

Every year on Dec. 24, the homeowners' association lines the sidewalks with luminaries and hands out prizes to the most festive houses.

Many people hop in the back of pickup trucks and cruise through the glittering neighborhood near 7th and Thunderbird streets.

"This has become our Christmas tradition," one visitor said. "We come down every year. We all get together as friends and just have a nice evening before Christmas."

Justin Keilman, whose home was awarded a prize this year, begins hanging lights in August but spends all year programming music to sync with the lights.

A sign posted in front of his home told onlookers to tune to a particular radio station as they viewed the display.

"They drive up and down the street, they stop, they shake your hand, they want to know how you put it up," Keilman said. "It's just fun talking to people and getting the smiles out of everybody's face."

Keilman leaves his display up until mid-January.