Peoria police officers free puppy stuck in block fence


by Jennifer Thomas

Video report by Stella Inger

Posted on June 3, 2013 at 1:15 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jun 5 at 12:29 PM

PEORIA, Ariz. -- Peoria police officers worked with a small hammer and chisel to free a puppy that was stuck in a block fence Monday morning.

The dog's owner, Brandon Flynn, said he heard his 12-week-old puppy barking and found her stuck in the water drainage area at the bottom of the fence.

"All the way past to her neck, so her whole head had gone past and her ears were sticking out," Flynn said. "She was pretty scared."

He called police and asked for assistance. Three officers showed up to help free the dog named Bow, which is short for Rainbow.

Flynn and the officers tried to push and pull her through the opening in the fence, but that didn't work so they tried a different tactic.

"They held the dog," Flynn said. "We put a towel over the dog's head and then we chiseled her out with a hammer and a chisel."

One officer was able to control the back side of the dog and keep her calm while the others chiseled away at the other side of the fence, according to Officer Michael Carlow with the Peoria Police Department.

The officers were able to free the pup after a few minutes of work. She was not harmed despite her hourlong ordeal.

"It took off running and jumping all over everybody," Carlow said.

Flynn said he and his family have had Bow for four weeks.

"She's a Queensland Heeler so I got her because they're supposed to be really smart dogs," Flynn said laughing. "I don't know if this is quite evidence of that, but she's a great dog."