Owner speaks out after dog killed


by Steve Ryan


Posted on November 19, 2013 at 4:09 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 19 at 4:20 PM

Map: Pit bull shot

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PHOENIX -- For Dorian Holdt, dogs are a part of the family. She recently got Diesel, a Golden Retriever puppy, after her dog, Snoopy, was shot and killed

“A lot of abuse cases like this, people don’t really pay attention. They do for a minute, and then it goes away,” Holdt said. “And I think the sheriff’s department really did its job on this one.”

Maricopa county sheriff's deputies arrested Briant Winnecke, 43, for allegedly tying Snoopy to a fence and killing him with a shotgun.

Winnecke reportedly told deputies the pit bull attacked another neighbor’s dog, but deputies found no evidence of that.

According to investigators, Winnecke had nothing to do with either dog and initially denied everything that happened.

Snoopy’s body was discovered in the back of Winnecke’s pickup truck and a pool of blood was found near the fence where he allegedly killed him, investigators said.

Holdt has created a Facebook page in Snoopy’s honor to raise awareness about animal abuse. She also wants to testify at Winnicke’s court appearance.

“It’s just cold blooded. Anybody that can look at a dog in the eye like that and then just shoot him is just not right,” Holdt said. “Snoopy didn’t deserve it. He wasn’t a mean dog, and he didn’t do anything.”

Winnecke could do some jail time and pay large fines if he is convicted of several charges.