Mesa landlord accused of assaulting 3TV photographer


by Jared Dillingham

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Posted on March 14, 2014 at 10:29 PM

Updated Friday, Mar 14 at 10:40 PM

MESA, Ariz. -- Police handcuffed a Mesa landlord and took him to jail Friday night after he knocked a 3TV photographer to the ground.

Tenants of the Miles Motel in Mesa contacted 3TV with complaints that their landlords were not taking care of a problematic beehive.

As the 3TV crew began capturing video of the hive and interviewing residents, a man drove up and demanded the crew leave the property. The man, Mike Djordejvich, then used his shoulders to butt the photographer, who went tumbling to the ground.

Djordejvich owns the Miles Motel.

"You guys are jerks. You're crazy," he said before speeding off in a pickup truck.

Djordejvich told 3TV the problem had been taken care of, but a large beehive was still clearly visible on the property.

Tenants said they have been stung many times over the past two weeks.

"Does it look like it's fixed? It's not," tenant Brandon Bohm said as he pointed to a large cluster of bees on the roof. Many more bees were swarming around his patio door.

He said his walls have literally been buzzing for two weeks, and his girlfriend is allergic to bees.

Djordejvich's wife also confronted the 3TV crew, denying the hive's existence while apparently looking right at it.

"It's fixed," she insisted.

The Miles Motel owners now have bigger problems than bees.

After looking at the video of Djordejvich butting the 3TV photographer, Mesa police arrested the man on suspicion of assault.