MCSO Posse member shoots home intruder


by Jared Dillingham

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Posted on June 22, 2013 at 6:50 AM

Updated Sunday, Jun 23 at 9:44 AM

Map: 111th Avenue & Peoria

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SUN CITY, Ariz.--- A member of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's 'Posse' ended a home invasion by shooting the intruder Friday morning.

The volunteer MCSO Posse member, 66-year-old Dave Sobley, said a man broke into his Sun City home, and targeted his wife's bedroom. Their dog woke them up by barking.

"He put me on the floor, stomped on my head, and said, 'If you get up, I'll kill you," Sobley recalled.

"He held a gun right at me, right at me," his wife, Audrey, said, "And said if I moved, he'd kill me."

While the suspect ransacked the house, looking for jewelry and gold, Dave Sobley found his gun.  He fired once, and said he knew immediately that he hit the intruder.

"I'm a former combat medic. I know, when you shoot someone, they stagger backwards. He was staggering to get out of the house," he said.

The suspect fled on foot, but was later caught by officers and is still in the hospital as of late Friday night.

Suspect shot during Sun City home invasion apprehended on golf course