Exclusive: Photos reveal what happened to missing mother


by Sybil Hoffman


Posted on October 4, 2012 at 10:30 PM

Updated Friday, Oct 5 at 12:22 PM

PHOENIX -- A young mother disappears two days after Christmas and now 3TV has obtained exclusive photos that show her life ended violently.

On December 27, 1990, Lisa Zochowski and her husband Marek Zochowski left for Christown Mall.

According to Lisa's only brother, Dan DeWeerdt, "He came by to pick her up and took her out and they were only supposed to be gone for a couple hours and she never returned."

Worried, DeWeerdt's family asked Marek Zochowski what happened.

"He said she walked off with two other people at the mall. That was his story and as far as I know he stuck to that story ever since," DeWeerdt said.

But that story didn't stick. Marek was eventually convicted of manslaughter even though Lisa's body was never found.

Unfortunately not knowing what happened to his sister has haunted DeWeerdt for the last 22 years.

"After a while you kind of learn to live this way. You just learn to live not knowing," he said.

Phoenix Detective Stuart Somershoe now has the case.

"Lisa put up a pretty good fight for her life I think," said Somershoe.

Detective Somershoe said Marek's blood soaked car is just one indication of what happened to Lisa.

"When detectives began looking through it, they could see blood visually and then when they processed it with luminal they could see a lot more blood, basically a cleaned up scene inside the car. It glows in the darkness so you can definitely see where blood in the car was at and where it was wiped clean. It tells a lot of the violence that occurred inside that vehicle," said Somershoe.

Marek has always insisted he's innocent. But Somershoe said the evidence proves otherwise.

First the blood, then the next day police discovered deep scratches on Marek's neck.

"It's indicative that Lisa put up a pretty good fight when he was attacking her," noted Somershoe.

And then years later, Detective Somershoe said more evidence arrived.

"You have weird statements that he's made and one of them was to his girlfriend where he took her to the South Mountain Park and said I'm going to show you where I buried my wife. It certainly indicates that he knows Lisa is dead and that he's responsible for it," said Somershoe.

Marek served ten years for manslaughter. And while he can't be charged for anything else involving Lisa, Somershoe said Marek needs to clean.

"I think he still has a moral debt he has to pay that he hasn't told us where Lisa is at," he said.

DeWeerdt just wants peace.

"It would be nice if we found her, we can put her to rest, put her in a place where people can go and actually have a place to visit her," he remarked.

This case also exposes a bizarre immigration case. Zochowski was here on a green card. So why
didn't Immigration Customs and Enforcement deport him when he finished his sentence along with thousands like him?