Helpful Tips for Clearing Adult Acne

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By Sarah Quinn
Owner and Nurse Practitioner at Arcadia Wellness Center

For many men and women, acne does not magically disappear when they finally hit adulthood. Adult acne is common; recent clinical studies show that up to 40% of adults suffer from acne breakouts. Yet, many adults struggle with finding viable solutions to clearing their skin. Understanding the triggers for breakouts and the best solutions for preventing, clearing and treating acne can offer hope for adults that want to enjoy the benefits of clear skin. 

Adult acne breakouts are more than just a physical condition – they can affect the self-confidence and emotional well-being of those that suffer from it. Clear skin is an attractive trait both men and women strive to achieve, but it is not always easily obtainable. Finding the solution can help improve not just the appearance of the individual but improve their confidence levels in social and professional interactions. 

Triggers that Cause Adult Acne 
Acne is not just a result of clogged pores or cleansing issues. Even adults who are meticulous about their skincare routine can have acne breakouts caused by internal triggers. While certain skincare products can reduce acne, if the cause is stress, hormones or allergies, these other issues need to be resolved. 

Stress and hormones can go hand-in-hand and may impact the clearness of the skin. When stress levels are high, it can affect hormonal balance, causing inflammation, overproduction of oil glands and other factors that lead to adult acne breakouts. Finding ways to lower stress through exercise, meditation or other releases can help reduce acne breakouts and benefit overall wellness. 

Food allergies or sensitivities are another trigger source for adult acne. Some common foods that cause inflammation and allergic-type reactions that trigger acne include: sugars, whey protein, refined carbohydrates, dairy, alcohol and saturated fats. Limiting these key dietary factors can be beneficial for overall health and to reduce acne breakouts. 

Treating Adult Acne and Scarring
Making lifestyle changes to reduce adult acne triggers is beneficial, but skincare is also important. Mild cleansers should be used in the morning and before bed to remove oil and dirt that can clog the pores. When purchasing over-the-counter products for cleansing skin and treating existing acne breakouts, look for products that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. 

Even after acne is cleared, scarring can be left behind from previous breakouts. Cosmetic treatments can be beneficial to reduce the appearance of acne scars; laser resurfacing is one of the more effective options to rejuvenate the skin and dissipate scars left behind from adult acne. Other options include chemical peels and dermal fillers like Bellafill that can heal acne scars or hide indentations left on the skin. 

No one needs to suffer from embarrassing adult acne. Seeking medical treatment to determine whether food allergies or hormonal fluctuations are causing breakouts can help, along with procedures to heal the skin. 
For assistance with treating adult acne and reducing the appearance of scarring, the medical professionals at Arcadia Wellness Center in Phoenix can offer treatment, exploring hormonal factors, food allergy mitigation, laser resurfacing and other options. 

About Sarah:

Sarah Quinn, FNP-C is a Nurse Practitioner and owner and medical director of Arcadia Wellness Center. It was her desire to deliver a higher level of individualized care to her patients that inspired her to launch her own wellness center. Empowering people to live fuller, healthier lives through a personalized, whole-person approach is her passion and the mission of Arcadia Wellness Center.

Sarah has over 13 years of combined experience as a registered nurse and certified nurse practitioner. Her experience working in both hospital and clinic settings gives her a broad perspective and understanding of the needs of her patients. She has extensive experience treating patients dealing with chronic pain and hormone imbalances. Cosmetic and aesthetic enhancements have also been part of her practice for over a decade.

A graduate of Grand Canyon University, Arizona is Sarah’s home. She is a wife and mother, as well as the beloved owner of two border terriers. She experiences a high quality of life and wellness and wants her patients to share in that experience with her.

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