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One item actually filters smog and allergens.

Clearware Bags

Prices: $59- $89


You'll be ready for any outdoor event, baseball game, concert or picnic with Clearware Bags. These bags are the solution to the cheap, ugly, clear bags that fall apart after a few uses. They come in two size options: classic and crossbody. Both have interchangeable straps, so you can change up your look with nylon, leather, solid color or pattern. Clearware Bags are hand-crafted in the US with high-grade PVC. The bags are welded, not sown, so it can be filled with ice without leaking. Many entertainment venues, sports organizations and schools continue to implement clear bag policies, and Clearware Bags wants to offer a fashionable choice. The phone pockets can also be used to store a game or concert ticket, so it can be scanned without being taken out $59-$89.


Price: $29.99  


Fashion invention protects against colds, flu, allergies, pollutions.  A couple got sick while on a business trip to China. Doctors explained he was suffering from air pollution and to wear a mask. So the couple created The Bioscarf-- the first fashionable air filtration garment to hit the market. The scarf can replace unsightly air masks for people who are trying to protect themselves from pollution, germs, pollen, even cigarette smoke.

Does it work? U.S. government testing standards for respirators are considered the toughest in the world.  

Nelson Labs performed the tests that they perform on masks and respirators on the Bioscarf  and it outperformed most of the popular masks on the market today with a 99.75% average filtration efficiency.  

Kick Stands

Prices: $24.99   


Kickstands  reversible high heel straps that help you put your best foot forward. They add comfort to your stride because they prevent your heels from slipping off. These fashionably functional accessories fit on practically any pair of heels. Just slip the heel through the rubber eyelet and pull the band up and over the top of your foot. It takes just seconds to transform your heels into a fresh new look that adds mileage to your wardrobe and saves you money. 


Prices: Start at $13.95 for 3 pairs


The sockless look is in, but the smell is NOT. INVISASOX claims to be the world's most over-engineered, most comfortable, no show sock. We've created these socks to end annoying problems like: nasty odor, sweat, blisters, discomfort, shoe damage, and terrible no-show sock experiences. Guaranteed to stay on, and comes in eight sizes for the perfect fit. INVISASOX are made using a unique 65% premium cotton, 35% spandex blend. This material hugs the foot and is essential to making the most comfortable, soft, and breathable true no show socks.100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Pedipocket blanket 

Prices: start at $29.95 

PediPocket's genius comes from a clever 20" pocket that keeps your tootsies delightfully toasty. It's also nearly 6 feet long, more than long enough to cover any person, from the smallest to the tallest. Ordinary throw blankets just can't do that, leaving your feet or your shoulders exposed to the cold.

Goes Anywhere: Take your PediPocket to tailgate parties, beach barbeques, the office, outdoor concerts, on a plane or on your next long-distance drive.

10% of the proceeds are donated to their church and missions.

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