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We know that Arizona summers can be hot. Of course, this is the time of year many of us will rely on the air conditioner to cool us down.

Mike Donley, president of Donley Air Conditioning and Plumbing has six ways that your AC is working correctly and effectively during the summer months. 

Be sure to change the air filter every month

Donley recommends changing the air filter once a month so your A/C can continue to work effectively. When you don't change the filter, not only will get limit the airflow, it will also affect your electricity nils as the cost will increase. 

Make sure you clean the coils on the A/C unit

For your A/C to work correctly, You want to clean the coils. They are located outside of the central A/C systems. It's recommended to wash them once a year. 

Don't block or close air vents

Blocking an air vent will cause reduced airflow and it will also wear out your A/C system.

Make sure you clear the clutter around the outdoor A/C unit

For those who have an outdoor A/C Unit, you want to clear the plants and debris that make be near or it will be in inefficient. 

Unclog the drain tube

When your A/C is running, it's generating moisture and goes through the drain tube. When the drain tube does get clogged up, it can cause damage and even flood. Make sure you clear any dust or debris hanging. The tube was usually located inside a closet or outside the unit. To clean the drain tube, use a wet-dry vacuum and wrap an old towel around the drain tube. It's recommended to run the vacuum for a minute for the clog to clear up. 

Schedule an AC maintenance audit

To make sure your unit is working properly, have it inspected once a year. The maintenance audits usually cost between $70 to $100 and it's recommended to do it around springtime so you will be prepared for the summer months.

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