Baby Boomers getting bad rap at work due to misconceptions

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Workers of the baby-boomer age can get a bad rap. (Source: Workers of the baby-boomer age can get a bad rap. (Source:
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The day-to-day grind at work can be trying enough for anyone but if you are of a certain age, there can sometimes be more stress added to your workday.

Workers of the baby-boomer age can get a bad rap.

Studies have found employers resist hiring or investing in older workers for fear they won't adapt well to change or may come with higher medical costs.

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Some employers are said to believe older workers are unimaginative and afraid of technology.

MaryAnne Poggenburg works in her 70s and returned back into the workforce, as an administrative assistant at Sun Health in Surprise, Arizona. She says it all boils down to understanding the mindset of baby boomers in the workforce.

"If there is a meaning behind it, if it's well explained and has a solid foundation, most seniors will adapt to it," said Poggenburg. "One of the traits of Baby Boomers is we question authority. So when change comes into place, we say 'Why? How come? What's the point?' Once that's explained we will say 'OK, we will go ahead and adapt to it.'" 

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Poggenburg held a brown bag luncheon at Sun Health, where she gets all employees together to explain and encourage each other to try and better understand their co-workers who come from various generations. 

She says at Sun Health, there are people who work there in their teens and others closer to 80 years old.

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