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You know the saying, "If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." But Vegas is now turning up the heat on cuisine with their latest restaurant addition. Hell’s Kitchen, you know the television show, is now an actual restaurant.

The chef Gordon Ramsay's hit show will now call The Vegas Strip home on the property of Caesar’s Palace.

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"There are a lot of expectations here at Hell’s Kitchen because we are based on a television show. People expect the risotto and everything to be to the standard of Chef Ramsay," said Michelle Tribble, head chef at Hell’s Kitchen.

If the name Michelle Tribble rings a bell, it’s because she was a contestant on Hell’s Kitchen not once but twice. It was Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars Season 17 which she won and ended up getting the gig as the head chef at the first-of-its-kind restaurant.

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"I wanted to push myself to my limit and be a well-rounded chef. My goal was not to do the show again but when I was approached I figured why not. I was more ready, a lot more than when I competed the first time and it was a great opportunity to round off my experience as a chef," Tribble said.

And she works in a familiar setting, with the front of the restaurant built like the actual set on Hell’s Kitchen. However, the rest of the restaurant opens to a very nice setting, with one wall dedicated to past cast members.

But don’t get caught up in the glitz and glamour of the television show because when it comes to the food, Chef Ramsay’s standards are front and center.

"Behind the scene, I’m super tough, super firm, I want to be the best," Ramsay said. "It’s an amazing job to be in when you’re at the top but if you don’t want to strive for those perfections, don’t put yourself in that position."

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At Hell’s Kitchen, you will find Ramsay’s signature recipes like the beef wellington, pan seared scallops and a bread pudding that is to die for. However, the taste of some of the dishes might be upstaged by the presentation of the scampi prawns flambé which the server lights on fire or the pineapple carpaccio that comes out smoking.

When it’s all said and done, Chef Ramsay wants you to have an amazing overall dining experience well worth stepping into Hell’s Kitchen.

"For me the dream would be every client to come here and experience a touch of magic, the food and the great atmosphere. Then I want them to voice their opinions. Because in my restaurant the customer is always king," said Ramsay. 

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