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Poptarts, Pancakes and Cocoa Puff Cereal Cocktails


Courtesy of: Lauren Smith, Sous Chef, The Silician Butcher 

3 1/2 cups of flour 
1/4 cup of sugar 
1/2 t salt 
3/4 c cold butter cut into cubes 
1/2c of ice water 
Filling of choice: 
-Strawberry jam 
-Blueberry jam 
-Chocolate fudge 
2 C powdered sugar 
2T Meringue powder 
1 T Vanilla Extract 
3-6 T Water 
Combine all the dry ingredients into a food processor and pulse a few times. 
Add butter and pulse for about 1 minute. 
Add cold water until dough texture is formed. 
Knead dough onto a lightly floured surface until dough is smooth. 
Roll out dough with a rolling pin until it is a thin as possible. 
Cut rectangles, 8''x6'', scoop about 1 1/2 T onto the dough and fold over. 
Lightly brush edges with water and crimp with a fork to seal edges. 
Place pop tarts into oven on a sheet pan covered in parchment paper. 
375 for 12 minutes. 
While baking, assemble the icing. 
Combine all ingredients together until stiff peaks form. 
Allow pop tarts to cool completely before icing! 
Top with sprinkles of course! 
Cereal Milk: 
4 cups milk 
2 cups fruity pebbles 
Allow cereal to soak in milk for about 2 hours in the fridge. 
Blend together in a blender on high. 
Strain milk-cereal mixture in a fine mesh strainer. 
1 1/2 cups AP flour 
3 1/2 baking powder 
1 tsp salt 
1 T sugar 
1 1/4 cups cereal milk 
1 egg 
3 tablespoons melted butter 
1/4 cup fruit pebbles
Combine all dry ingredients, combine all wet ingredients. 
Heat a griddle to medium high heat and spray with non-stick spray. 
Sprinkle fruity pebbles onto batter and brown on both sides. 
Serve with whip cream and more fruity pebbles. 

Coco Puffs Cereal Cocktail:
Blended Coffee Liqueur 
Chocolate Vodka 
Coco Puffs
Chocolate Coconut Milk

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