Huge dust devil blows through Goodyear

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(Source: Scott Smith) (Source: Scott Smith)

Dust devils are common in the Valley, but sometimes they get huge and look almost like a tornado. 

That's what happened on Monday afternoon in Goodyear. 

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Arizona's Family viewer Scott Smith was able to capture some video of the large dust devil near Litchfield Road and I-10.

Dust devils typically develop under clear and calm conditions, from the ground up. The sun can heat up one area of the ground faster than other areas.  Hot air rises from that spot, pressure lowers and the air around it begins to spin. This column stretches upward, and the spinning motion gets stronger. Winds increase, and the swirling air can pick up dust and dirt.

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We see them quite regularly in the Valley when the weather gets dry and very warm. 

They don't always get this big, but when they do it's quite a sight!

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