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Tuna Tartare and JW Garden Chopped Salad


Courtesy of: Executive Chef Paul Millist, Lincoln, a JW Steakhouse

Tuna Tartare

5 oz    Small diced ahi tuna
2 oz    Avocado puree
1 oz    Soy mustard/ponzu sauce - combine mustard and soy to your liking
1 T    Seaweed - can be purchased at Asiana market, or any Asian  specialty grocery store

Using a ring mold (you can purchase at Sur la Table), line the plate with diced avocado.  Toss the tuna in the ponzu sauce and gently stack on top of the avocado.  Top with seaweed.

JW Garden Chopped Salad

1/2 head    Iceberg lettuce, chopped
2 oz        Chickpeas
2 oz        Halved cherry tomatoes
2 oz        Cucumber batons
2 oz        Tiny croutons
1 oz        Gruyere cheese, julienned
1 oz        Radish, shaved
1 oz        Fennel, shaved
1 0z        Jalapeno, julienned
5 ea        Torn parsley leaves
2 oz        Cherry vinaigrette 

Toss all ingredients together and place in a bowl 


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