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Fish Fried with Escovitch Sauce and Festival


Fish Fried

Whole Fish    1 EA    Defrosted / Scaled / Clean / Slits
Black Pepper    1 t     Ground Finely
Salt    2 t    
Pimento    ¼ t    Ground Finely
Pickapeppa    2 t    
White Vinegar    2 t    
Onion    1 OZ     Thinly Sliced
Canola Oil    6 C    

1.    Clean fish, pat dry.
2.    Make 3 long cuts on a bias on each side of fish.   
3.    Combine Black Pepper, Salt, Pimento and White Vinegar. Mix to combine. 
4.    Push seasoning into each slit in fish and belly. 
5.    Add onion slices to remaining seasoning mix.  Stuff belly.
6.    Let marinade 30 minutes. ***DO NOT Marinade overnight or over 30 Minutes.
7.    To fry, gently pat excessive liquid from fish.
8.    In a large sauté pan, bring canola oil to 400 degrees.  DO NOT exceed 375 degrees once fish are in sauté pan.  
9.    Lay fish down and pick up a few times.  Check temperature of pot constantly throughout frying. 
10.     Fry 2 minutes on EACH side. Internal temperature must be 140. 
11.    Lay on wire rack. Refrigerate to cool. 

Escovitch Sauce

Water    4 C    
White Vinegar     2 ½  C    
Organic Sugar    2 T    
Salt    2 t    
Habanero (large)    6 EA    Cut in Half
Pimento    2 T    Whole
Red Onion    ¾ C     Thin Julianne, With Grain
Summer Squash    1-2 EA    Thin Julianne, 1 ½ + Inch Long
Carrot    1-2 EA    Peeled,  Thin Julianne, 1 ½ + Inch Long
1.    In a saucepan add Water, White Vinegar, Raw Sugar, Salt, Habanero and Pimento.  Bring to a boil.
2.    Simmer on low for 5 minutes.
3.    Cut all vegetables to specs. Put Red onion in a small container.  Put other vegetables in a separate container,  
4.    Pour liquid into each pan until vegetables are submerged.  
5.    Let stand at room temperature to cool.
6.    Refrigerate to store. 


Brown Sugar    150 G    
AP Flour    480 Grams    
Cornmeal    43 G    
Salt    1 t    
Baking Powder    1 T    
Water    2 C + 2 T    
Vanilla    1 ½  t     

1.    In mixing bowl, sift Brown Sugar, AP Flour, Cornmeal and Salt together.   Next, mix in Baking Powder.
2.    In measuring cup add water and vanilla.
3.    Add wet ingredients slowly to dry ingredients.
4.    Using a spatula, gently fold to combine ingredients.
5.    Put into piping bag.
6.    Let stand minimum of 30 minutes.
7.    Pipe into cool, clean and greased mold.
8.    Bake @ 425 degree convection oven for apx. 12 minutes


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