Pet monkey attacks Home Depot employee in store

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A monkey attacked an employee at a Home Depot in Florida. (WPBF/viewer handout via CNN Wire) A monkey attacked an employee at a Home Depot in Florida. (WPBF/viewer handout via CNN Wire)

OKEECHOBEE, Fla. (Meredith) — A pet monkey attacked a Home Depot employee at a store in Florida.

The incident happened Monday at the Home Depot in Okeechobee when employee Marilyn Howard was attacked by a customer's pet monkey, WPBF reports.

Howard was left with two bite marks on her arm, two large bruises on her back and scratches on her face.

Howard told WPBF she was on her break Monday afternoon and was sitting outside in front of the store. She heard her coworkers yelling about a monkey in the parking lot, and then saw the monkey approaching her.

She grabbed the monkey's leash that it was wearing, and the monkey climbed on her and attacked her. When the monkey got off her, Howard was able to grab its leash and walk it to the entrance of the store. When the automatic front doors to the Home Depot opened, the monkey was startled and bit Howard again and scratched her face.

The monkey's owner told WPBF she had left her pet in her parked vehicle, but it somehow managed to escape.

Howard did not need medical treatment after the attack. She said she doesn't blame the monkey for biting her because it was acting on instinct and was probably scared.

"The animal should not be euthanized," Howard told WPBF. "It's not the animal's fault. She was innocent."

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is investigating the incident. While the investigation is ongoing, the monkey is staying with its owner.

No charges have been filed.

Home Depot is known for being pet-friendly, allowing customers to bring their dogs into the store.