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Fun & Fabulous Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Fun & Fabulous Father’s Day Gift Ideas
By:  Rachel Harris, 
Father’s Day happens on June 17th, so here are some gift suggestions.  Take a look to see some unique ideas to customize his present.  Also included are last minute gifts that are sold at local retailers.  
Personalized Pop Ideas
*Best Beverage Basket – Pair his favorite coffee, tea and whiskey in a basket and add the HyperChiller (sells at for $29.99).  The HyperChiller turns any beverage into a perfectly cooled drink in one minute without ever touching ice. With the HyperChiller’s multi-chamber design, a beverage is exposed to the equivalent of over 30 large ice cubes but protected by two layers of food grade stainless steel.  This way there's zero dilution in the process of cooling. Dad can leave it in the freezer, take it out when needed, pour a favorite beverage in (coffee, wine, spirits etc.) and the HyperChiller will rapidly chill it in just one minute.  When done, place back in the freezer to use again later. 
*Manly Spa Basket – Place his favorite soaps, shaving products, a nice bath robe and more in a specialty spa kit for him.  Who says a man can’t spa?!  Put No 63 Shea Butter Enriched Soap (a solid block of this France imported soap sells for $6.99 at AJ’s Fine Foods) and No 63 Hair & Body Wash ($13.99 at AJ’s for 8 oz bottle) in the basket.  Then add Olba’s Herbal Remedies Olbas Oil and Olbas Inhaler for a good massage oil and inhaler that helps to clear sinuses.  The oil is great for massage and I like the Olba brand because it doesn’t smell feminine, making it perfect for Dad.  Olbas originated in Switzerland over 100 years ago and is made with a blend of six essential oils including peppermint oil, wintergreen oil, oil of cloves, juniper oil, eucalyptus oil and cajeput oil.  Pricing and links for this are in my blog article at 
*A Thank You-Do-It All Basket – This idea is to create a basket with a gift that symbolizes the different things Dad does.  For example, buy him a book that he wants to read with a note that says, “Reading you will enjoy to thank you for taking the time to always read to me” – this is perfect from a child to a Dad.  Also include a new tool that he will enjoy with a note thanking him for always fixing everything.  Add a kitchen or BBQ item if he enjoys cooking with a note that thanks him for making marvelous meals.  You get the idea and top it off with an item that I think all households should have -- the Mini Fire Fighter product.  This is a great safety item to have in your home.  Plus, your note can say, “for all the times you put out fires with how well you calmly resolve family conflict like when the kids argue…you are always calm Dad to the rescue!”  Tell Dad that he is the family’s heroic Mini Fire Fighter.  Check out what this compact user-friendly aerosol firefighting product does.  It is safe, easy to use and tested to EU and USA standards. Mini Firefighter is an essential safety tool to have around the home, the car, in the caravan, near the BBQ, in the toolbox, on the boat or in fact anywhere there is a risk of a fire.  Mini Firefighter is non-toxic, non-irritant and biodegradable which can be used with care in confined spaces.  It’s high cooling capacity forms a stable, heat resistant seal which suffocates the fire stopping re-ignition and turning fat and oil into a soapy mixture. Mini firefighter is also easy to clean up as the foam dissolves after use.  I think all households should have this on hand and it makes for a fun and smart addition to Dad’s Fun Thank You-Do-It all gift basket!  This would also go great in a camping theme gift basket.  
Customize something specific to Dad - I ordered a burnt orange T-shirt from Tee Chip for my Texas Longhorn alum hubs that says, “Life Took Me to Arizona, But I’ll Always Be a Longhorn” so this shirt says it all for my hubs.  I ordered this for $26.95 and I had no issues with the company, but I found a lot of reviews that complained of long shipping delays, so please note that I only ordered from Tee Chip once and had no problems, but others did.  You could do something similar for the father you are shopping for with his alma mater printed like this one with other customized gift companies.  I found a ton of companies that do this kind of stuff online.  Or go to one of the As You Wish locations and create something like this there on a mug, etc.
*Grandpa Ballgame Basket – Pair a Hallmark All Star Grandpa Baseball ($9.99 at Walgreens) with tickets to a major league baseball game.  This gift is sure to score a homerun! 
Last Minute Easy to Get Gift Ideas
These items are sold at several local retailers, so this is stuff you can grab last minute locally…
*Yoshi Copper Grill & Bake Mats ($9.99 for a 2-pack sold at amazon, Walmart, Walgreens) -- Give the dad who likes to grill these handy mats that enabling grilling without the food falling through the grate.  Foods still have grill marks, too.  The mats still must be cleaned, but not the grill.  
*Signature Greeting Cards Best Dad Ever with removable koozie – Check stores that sell greeting cards for this fun one that includes a koozie.  Pair with his favorite beer and your gift is all set.  I found this card for $8.99 at Walgreens.
*Jumbo Moscow Mule Mug ($10.99 at Walgreens) - Moscow Mule cocktails continue to be all the rage and my husband loves to make these, so I got him this fun jumbo sized one for Dad's Day!  Pair with the ingredients needed to make a mule and this makes a fun gift basket idea.
*iHome Drop Splash proof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with Speakerphone – I paid $24.99 for this at Walgreens, BUT I found it for only $11.99 at so definitely check that site for Dad’s Day gift savings.  That is a 50% savings!  This handy contraption pairs with your smart device to provide a wireless speaker and speaker phone.  It is splash proof, so it works by the pool (not immersed, though), in the shower and out in the rain.  A great gift to pair with a camping kit.  
*I know a HERO**I call him DADDY block sign – ($9.99 at AJ’s Fine Foods) – This sweet red, white, blue and yellow sign is a block that can sit on his desk or can be hung on the wall.  A great one from a child to Daddy. 
*Why A Daughter Needs A Dad & Why A Son Needs A Dad little mini books – ($5.99 each at AJ’s Fine Foods gift section) – These precious little mini books include passages like, “A daughter needs a dad so she will know what it feels like to be somebody’s favorite.”  The son book includes touching phrases like, “A son needs a dad to let him be his equal now and then.”  These little books melt my heart and I bet they will melt a father’s heart, too.  
*Crafted Imports Golf Pens ($9.99 at Walgreens) – Pair this set of three golf club shaped pens with a golf store gift card.  Perfect! 
*Grasslands Road I Love That You’re My Dad Frame ($17.99 at AJ’s Fine Foods) – Beautiful ceramic/metal frame that fits a treasured 4 x 6 picture for Dad.  This is a great one for the sentimental Dad or Grandpa who loves photos. 
*Hallmark Super Dad Trophy ($9.99 at Walgreens) – Perfect from a kid to a Dad this cute trophy has the father wearing a cape.  
*Crafted Imports Bar Set – ($12.99 at Walgreens) – This is great alone or pair with the fun jumbo Moscow Mule mug I mentioned earlier in this article. 
Did I list any ideas that fit the father in your life?  Check my blog at for more gift ideas.  I am wishing all a Happy Dad’s Day.  

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