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GCU Canyon 49

A new executive chef at Grand Canyon University Hotel's Canyon 49 Grill who is cooking up great things, while serving as a training lab to a growing number of the university's hospitality management students.

Marcus Maggiore joined the restaurant team a few months ago after stints at some of the finest destination resorts, including the Four Seasons in Vail and on Hawaii's Big Island. Now, he's rejoining his former boss from the Four Seasons to put his culinary skills to work at GCU, creating new menu items (his beef short rib sandwich is already wildly popular) and molding students for careers in the hospitality industry.

The GCU Hotel and Canyon 49 Grill are success stories in every sense of the word: occupancy is off the charts and business is brisk at the restaurant.

Even more important, the hotel and restaurant are serving as a valuable training lab for hundreds of hospitality students who are interested in everything from culinary arts to hotel and restaurant management.

Grand Canyon University's Colangelo College of Business launched it hospitality management program in 2015 to train workers in the rapidly growing tourism industry.

The program, which now boasts more than 250 students, combines classroom instruction with hands-on training at the renovated GCU Hotel, just a few blocks from the university's Phoenix campus.

Delectable dishes from Canyon 49 Grill as part of its Encore Burger Week

For more information about GCU's hospitality management program, visit

Grand Canyon University Hotel and Canyon 49 Grill
Address: 5115 N 27th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85017
Phone: (844) 683-5428

Pinspiration: Father's Day Pizza Cookie Workshop/DIY Maker's Summer Camp

  • In this hands-on workshop, parents and kids can work together to make a pizza cookie. 
  • Did you know Pinspiration has won Best Summer Day Camp by Arizona Foothills Magazine 'Best of our Valley!' for the past 3 years in a row!!  
  • At Maker Camp, boy/girl campers ages 5+ learn to build their own Pinterest-inspired homemade toys and games.
  • Show off a day of camp/talk to campers 

Pinspiration is a DIY arts and crafts studio/wine bar/events space in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area located on High Street.

The studio removes DIY's common barriers to creativity and make it easy for every member of the community to unleash their inner artist and "try DIY.

Pinspiration's hip studio offers both open-ended and tutorial-let art experiences in a supportive, playful venue. Customers have access to a variety of high-quality art supplies and tools. Customers can create their own idea on the spot or they can choose from an array of ever-changing monthly project menus based on the most popular "pinned" social media projects and current craft trends. 

The venue includes a VIP party room, a full-service beer/wine bar, a crafting/project room and Arizona's first splatter room, inspired by Jackson Pollock. 

Please call ahead at 480-636-8010 or email before visiting so we can make sure your space is reserved for your group.

Visit their website at:

5410 E. High Street, Ste 105
Phoenix, AZ 85054

Jason Lamm

For more information and to make an appointment visit: 

Jason D. Lamm Attorney at Law
6245 N 24th Pkwy #208, Phoenix, AZ 85016
Phone: (602) 663-9100

Men's Health Test

With June as Men’s Health Month (and with Father's Day soon), it's a good time for everyone to encourage the men in their lives to commit to better health, which can often start with some simple screenings -- including one that can even be done from home! The doctor can talk about some simple health screenings men can have that are especially important for men over age 50.  

The 4 screening tests men need & why:
1.  PSA test: a simple blood test that determines levels of prostate-specific antigen protein.
WHY: An elevated PSA can be a sign of prostate cancer. But, an elevated PSA can also be caused by other conditions, like inflammation of the prostate or enlarged prostate.

2.  International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS):  a short questionnaire a man can take online from comfort of home & then share with his doctor.  It measures how severe symptoms may be of enlarged prostate, referred to as BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia.  If a man scores high on IPSS, chances are he's noticing symptoms of BPH already, such as frequency or urgency to use the bathroom.
WHY:  When BPH is treated early, men avoid long-term harm to their prostate and/or bladder.  Enlarged prostate affects 1 in 4 men by the age of 55 -- yet only 1/3 of those men consult a physician about their symptoms. Symptoms include sleepless nights & getting up often to go the bathroom -- which ultimately can impact a wife/partner -- and urinary problems.  You may be a candidate for a low-risk medical intervention that offers benefits of early treatment such as Urolift, which can be done in a doctor-office setting under local anesthesia and offers relief in days and avoid major surgery.  

3.  Colonoscopy: detects the presence of colon cancer or polyps
WHY: they may develop into cancer.

4   Lipid screening:  a simple blood test 
WHY: can provide important information about cholesterol and triglycerides in blood and subsequent risk for heart attack or stroke

Why should men be concerned about an inflamed or enlarged prostate and what you can do about it -- and where to find a test online called the IPSS (8 simple questions) that you can take from home and share with your doctor: it's accessible 

Affiliated Urologists, Ltd
5133 N Central Ave Suite 206, Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone: (602) 264-0608

Ruff Draft Book Club for Dogs + Adults

Arizona Animal Welfare League, with support from Changing Hands Bookstore, is helping hundreds of shelter animals get through the dog days of summer with its Ruff Draft book club that started last Friday (June 1).
o    Studies have shown the positive effect of simple interactions, such as reading to dogs, on animals' wellbeing. Shy dogs can gain confidence, energetic dogs learn to be calm and relaxed, and curious kittens learn to trust and play with people. It's a win-win, as book club participants also expand their reading lists and help get homeless animals adopted by interacting with them and posting them on social media.

Members of the public are encouraged to stop by the main shelter at 40th and Washington streets, where they can borrow a copy of the Book of the Month (donated by Changing Hands) and read to dogs or cats at the shelter. They can also buy their own copy of the book at either of the Changing Hands bookstores.
o    You can read outside of the kennels and in the cattery. 

At the end of the month, Ruff Draft book club members will meet to discuss the book (with other humans).
o    This month, the club is reading "Where'd You Go, Bernadette" by Maria Semple. If this title sounds familiar, it's because the book will be a major motion picture starring Cate Blanchett later this year!

Ruff Draft Book Club
When: End-of-the-month meeting is on June 27, at 6pm
How much: Free

For more information on visit: 

Arizona Animal Welfare league
25 N 40th Street Phoenix AZ 85034
Phone: 602-273-6852

Try It With Tess: Father's Day Gifts

Fizzics' Waytap
Have fresh beer flowing all summer long thanks to the Fizzics' Waytap. The Waytap is a portable beer tap that dramatically improves the quality of bottled and canned beer, so you can always have delicious, perfectly tapped beer at home. Fizzics micro-foam technology dramatically improves the flavor, taste and mouth-feel of any carbonated beer. It is lightweight and durable; perfect for outdoor activities, camping, tailgating, etc. It operates on only 4 AA batteries. Fizzics' Waytap looks beautiful sitting on your kitchen counter, and it is available in top trendy colors like copper, slate grey, aluminum, black and white. $99.99.
Learn more: Available nationwide at Target, Best Buy, Brookstone and

PortoVino Messenger Bag
Now that we have Moms still reeling about their fabulous Mother's Day gifts from PortoVino (City Totes, Canvas Totes, and Classic Leather Bags), here's the perfect counterpart for Dad.  Dads can enjoy their drink on the go with this bag! It has a hidden zippered insulated pocket that holds the party pouch - a reservoir that stores and pours up to 2 full bottles of wine (or 1.5L of your favorite beverage).  It's roomy enough to hold a full reservoir AND all your essentials including your wallet, cell, and even a laptop. 
Learn more: 

The Sound Orb 
This ALL NEW READY TO PAIR SPEAKER SYSTEM is a color-changing wireless speaker that lets you take your favorite music anywhere you go! plays music AND lights up the scene

  •     Bluetooth connectivity
  •     Cable also included to connect to your phone or other music source
  •     7 LED colors to take your party up a notch
  •     Battery that lasts 4 hours
  •     Recharges with included mini USB cable
  •     Includes AUX cable + Micro SD card slot as another option to play your favorite tunes
  •     Portable and sturdy so you can take it with you

  $14.99 - learn more on 

Collar Perfect
Everyone loves the professional, smart look of a crisp collar and the perfect crease.  But who wants to drag out the cumbersome ironing board and heat up the clunky old iron for a few quick touch ups to achieve wardrobe perfection?!?  Thanks to Collar Perfect, an easy solution can be right in your purse or briefcase, your desk drawer, in your travel carry-on or even replace your old traditional iron by flipping out the wings to cover much more surface area.

Collar Perfect is ready for anything and will become your new "go-to" for pressing perfection! 
Collars, pockets, between buttons, pant creases, skirt hems, and every thread in-between can now be pressed on the go. Collar Perfect speeds up the ironing process through spot treatments of the garment and promises to remove frustrations around the ironing board. Collar Perfect is the only on-the-go, easily travel-able solution, yet is versatile enough to transform itself for traditional ironing applications when needed.
The Perfect Features:

  •     Rotating Power Cord: Perfect to provide improved user ability in detailing and ironing scenarios
  •     Power Support: Built in support for 110V or 220V power requirements
  •     5 Adjustable Temperature Settings: Perfect for any temperature (Poly, Silk, Wool, Cotton, Denim, and Linen)
  •     Dual Ironing Positions: Perfect for quick touch-ups or for when you need larger surface area ironing
  •     Size: Small, Light-Weight, and Compact - perfect for any situation
  •     Lined Travel Bag: Perfect for cord management and easy packing

learn more:
All-In-One Portable Solar Lantern
perfect for the outdoor dad- This all-in-one lantern is SOLAR powered, AND it can charge your phone!  Easily folds up to basically fit in the palm of your hand and can be used as a flashlight!

 This must-have outdoor essential includes:
- Compact size that doesn't take up much room when packing!
- Option to charge from USB connectivity (car outlet, phone charger, etc.)!
- Includes hanging handle!
- Use as a lantern at max size!
- Choose from low brightness, high-brightness and SOS flashing!
- Also, can be in compact form and used as a convenient flashlight!
- 1.77 x 3.35 inches when compact; 4.7 inches at full size! 
- Waterproof!
Learn more: 

RavenCrest Tactical Knives

RavenCrest Tactical offers a safer and more sophisticated tactical knife. "Our RavenCrest OTF Knives are some of the safest, easiest to use and fastest knives on the market today. You never have to touch the blade. The blade of a knife is typically the most dangerous part. The OTF knife takes away that danger because you never have to come in contact with it. Simply push a button and the blade deploys, when finished with your task press the button again and the blade is safely "sheathed" and ready for reuse. Many other pocket styled knives require two hands to open and or close bringing you in contact with the blade." Says Scot Anderson, Co-Owner.

RavenCrest Tactical knives are made to be used. "Our knives are better in your pocket than on the shelf. We have adopted the slogan "Tank Tough Knives" because we have literally tortured and abused our knives by demolishing cars in junkyards to hammering them into asphalt, and they just keep going. They're not invincible but they can take a beating. It allows us and our customers to be confident knowing that when they need their knife it will perform. We even had some Army guys take our knives and run it over a few times with a tank to see if they were truly "tank tough". They sent us a video of the whole thing and sure enough, the knife worked without any hiccups after being run over." Says Nate.

RavenCrest Tactical offers a no questions asked lifetime warranty on all of their products. "Our lifetime warranty and customer service are something we take very seriously. We are confident in our product and we value our customers above all else. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and serve our RCT family better." Says Scot Anderson Co-Owner. RavenCrest Tactical knives are all hand assembled and inspected on site in Mesa, Arizona by our knife technicians. Each knife goes through a rigorous inspection and testing process before it is packaged and made available for sale.

Starting at $99. Learn more