Forensic psychiatrist Steven Pitt remembered for keeping public informed about murder cases

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Dr. Steven Pitt had a unique skill set.

Whenever there was a bizarre murder mystery or serial killer on the loose, law enforcement agencies across the country would reach out to the forensic psychiatrist to help solve their cases.

During an interview in July 2016, Pitt said, "Each subsequent offense becomes more intoxicating for the offender and ultimately it's that intoxication that leads them to become sloppy. Sloppiness leads them to leave physical evidence and physical evidence leads to apprehension and arrest."

Pitt was shot and killed in Scottsdale Thursday. His killing has now been linked by police to the homicides of two paralegals in Scottsdale Friday and the killing of a hypnotherapist in Scottsdale. By midday on Monday, police confirmed that an investigation at a home in Fountain Hills is now connected to the killing spree investigation. 

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Pitt worked on a number of high-profile cases like the JonBenet Ramsey and Baseline killer investigations.

He was also a consultant on the Jodi Arias trial and Columbine school shooting.

Arizona's Family interviewed the Valley profiler a number of times over the years to gain insight into the mind of a killer.

In May 2017, Pitt said, "It's highly unusual for someone to wake up on a morning and say, 'you know what today is? The day I want to become a serial killer.' It just doesn't work that way."

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Valley attorney Dan Barr has known Pitt for more than 20 years and describes Pitt as extremely smart and passionate about his work.

Barr said Pitt was never someone who sought out the spotlight but was always willing to speak to reporters about crimes that impacted the community.

"He thought it was important that the public understand the nuances and intricacies of the story," said Barr. "He was quite willing and enthusiastic about spending his time doing it, but it was never out of self-promotion."

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