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Goodwill Career Expo in Central Phoenix 

Goodwill will be hosting a Career Fair today, Tuesday, May 22nd from 10:30 am to 1 pm at Crossroads United Methodist Church (7901 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85020). The event is sponsored by SeekPro, a division of Goodwill of Central & Northern Arizona.
The expo will provide candidates the chance to connect and network with hiring managers face-to-face. A variety of industries, education, customer service, banking, healthcare, hospitality, and more.  Over 40 employers will be in attendance. Goodwill will hold a Personal Branding and LinkedIn presentation from 8:30 to 10 a.m.  Seminar attendees will get access half hour early.  

For more information and registration:

CrossRoads United Methodist
7901 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85020
Phone: (602) 944-1524

Humana Hosting Phoenix Hiring Event, Looking to Fill Close To 80 National Phone Sales Positions

Humana Inc will be hosting a Job fair today, Tuesday, May 22nd to fill nearly 80 full time employees at the Phoenix DMS Center (2231 E. Camelback Road) from 8am to 6pm.

The Telesales Specialist positions will support Humana's local Direct Marketing Services (DMS) center in Phoenix. Employees will provide national phone sales and enrollment assistance for the company's Medicare benefit plans and specialty products. These positions will also directly handle inquiries and provide guidance to help new and existing Humana Medicare Advantage members nationwide find benefit solutions to meet their needs. 

Candidates should be prepared to interview by dressing appropriately and bring several copies of your resume.

To apply for these positions online, visit, and enter requisition number 190146. 

Humana Phoenix DMS Center
2231 E. Camelback Road, Suite 400
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Phone: (602) 760-1700

Rose Brown Hair Trend

It's the newest hair color to hit social media Rose Brown. They say blondes have more fun, but this color keeps brunettes in the game! Rose gold hair officially looks epic on everyone. 
The game-changing hair color that works on brunettes with minimal or no bleaching, rose brown is the pink hair dye trend that everyone can rock. Rose brown hair combines an all over brunette base with hints of peachy pink woven seamlessly throughout.

For more information:

The Valley Locations:
Vivaldi Salon at Park West
9744 W Northern Ave, Peoria, AZ 85345 
Phone: (623) 772-9999

Vivaldi Salon Suites - Tempe 
115 West 6th Ave Suite 110 
Tempe, Arizona 85281
Phone: (480) 264-2839

Vivaldi Salon -The Citadelle
19420 N 59th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85308
Phone: (623) 399-9089

National Salad Month-Grimaldi's Pizzeria

May is National Salad Month 

As the Valley is starting to heat up, this salad is a great way to stay cool, hydrated and satisfy your stomach.
Grimaldi's Pizzeria seasonal salad right now is the Watermelon Salad

  •     Watermelon is a great seasonal ingredient that also is very good for you!
  •     Watermelons are 92% water and soaked with vital nutrients in each bite

Other salads at Grimaldi's Pizzeria

  •     Spinach Salad 
  •     Mediterranean Salad 
  •     Kale Chopped Salad 

For more information:

Grimaldi's Pizzeria Park West
9788 W Northern Ave #1440, Peoria, AZ 85345
Phone: (623) 486-4455

Tess' Try it Tuesday: Baby Products

Romp and Roost  
This company is changing the playpen game for family's needs whether at play or rest. It's perfect for one, twins, siblings, and play dates - home or travel!
Provide a safe place for your child to rest and play with Romp & Roost! With the versatile divider, you can have one large play space for one or two little ones, a large sleep space for your little bird, or a divided sleep space for two tiny tots.

Whether you're lounging at home or headed on a trip, set it up in a snap for the ultimate rest or play wherever you are! 

  •     Easy to assemble
  •     Room to grow
  •     Family approved
  •     Modern, stylish
  •     Play area or sleep space for 1 or 2 children
  •     Removable divider to separate spaces if needed
  •     Comes with a soft, waterproof sheet with zipped in divider to accommodate Romp & Roost mattress

Romp & Roost is available online at as well as Walmart, Amazon, BuyBuy Baby, Stuff 4 Multiples, Trends in Twos, Just Multiple, Pish Posh Baby, MacroBaby, and ICDouble.

Working out while wearing your baby is a great way to bond with your baby while also regaining your strength and getting fit for summer. Also, did you know medical professionals agree that infants thrive through touch; "wearing" your baby is another way to meet this need. 
It's designed specifically to prevent hip dysplasia and give mother's the comfort they deserve, especially while carrying larger sized babies. It also features six carrying modes! 
Developed with the assistance of medical professionals, parents, and children; Huggs Contour and its developers are revolutionizing the way your baby is being carried.

Discover the protective features of Abiie's Huggs Contour:

  • Hip Seat Technology: There's nothing more important than the happiness of your child. The carrier booster seat provides all-day comfort, and keeps your baby ergonomically seated in a healthy hip position.
  • Double-layer Center Panel: Easily folding up for added heat, the double layer of the center panel folds down, exposing breathable 3D mesh for fresh air, and also stays dry, keeping your baby comfortable at all times, be it a cool windy evening or a hot summer day.
  • Hands-in Connection: Quick releasing the side buttons allows parents to place a hand inside the center panel, and offers parents an efficient, hands-on proximity to their newborn.
  • Weight Distribution: The padded shoulder straps help to evenly distribute your baby's weight in combination with the waistband to maximize parent comfort by alleviating pressure on the wearer's back and shoulders

To learn more, go to  

Mill Creek Botanical 
Baby care line
Get clean with this mild wash infused with sugar and plant cleansers for the most sensitive skin. After the bath you will feel the difference from the calming organic aloe vera, soothing witch hazel and healing properties of calendula that condition skin as you clean.

For more information:

Potty Duck 
Little ones are like sponges - they see someone do something, then try to imitate it. That's the premise behind the Potty Duck, the inventive new potty training tool for bath time. The Potty Duck Potty Training Toy is a squirting rubber duck with a flushing toy toilet that's more than just a bath toy. Kids squeeze the duck to make it pee, then flush the toilet. This unique potty training tool takes advantage of the fact kids learn by imitation and through play. It can be used before kids are ready to start potty training to get them thinking about it. The Potty Duck comes with training tips for success! 

For more information:

Art & Animals camp now offered at AAWL through summer

Art & Animals Camp is a new camp being offered at AAWL this summer!

  • It's for kids between 6 and 14 years old
  • Throughout the week, campers will get the opportunity to express themselves creatively through our fun and impactful crafts and activities. Crafts will include things such as enrichment for our animals, original artwork that helps our shelter animals get adopted, along with hands-on animal interactions with our dogs, cats, and exotic animal ambassadors here at Arizona Animal Welfare League!
  • Registration is $200
  • AAWL's week-long summer camps start June 4 and run through the last week of July.
  • Other camps include Camp Vet, CSI (Critter Sleuths & Investigators), CSI Pet Purrfessionals, and Teen Zoologists and Advocates

For more information, visit 

Arizona Animal Welfare league
25 N 40th Street Phoenix AZ 85034

Baby Penguins and Baby Sea Lion Pups at OdySea Aquarium

Baby Penguins Born at OdySea Aquarium

  • OdySea Aquarium announces the very first baby African Penguin chick.   The chick fully hatched on April 25th (World Penguin Day!) and had its first check-up later that day with the Animal Health team
  • The hatching and survival of this chick is not only a big deal to OdySea Aquarium as its first-ever African penguin chick, but also because this species of penguin is listed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as endangered.  As part of AZA, OdySea Aquarium will participate in the Species Survival Program (SSP) and ensure that they are doing their part to promote a healthy population of African Penguins.  
  • African Penguins are one of 17 species of penguin and found exclusively on the southern coast of Africa. Their lifespan is typically between 10 to 15 years. However, they often live longer in human care, as they have no predators and are provided a consistent diet of the highest quality fish and regular proactive veterinary care.  African penguin chicks weigh anywhere from 60-80 grams when first hatched and can fit into the palm of an adult human hand. They have very soft down feathers all over their body and are very fluffy looking. They are not able to go into the water until they molt these down baby feathers and get their juvenile plumage. 
  • Moms and Dads are vital to raising the chicks by keeping it warm and fed. African penguin chicks cannot thermoregulate until they are about 2 weeks old. Mom and Dad not only sit on the egg and chick, but they will take turns feeding while the other protects the chick.  They hunt to eat enough food for themselves but also to regurgitate to their chick. The parents will continue to protect the chick for at least the first 30 days at which point both parents will go to forage simultaneously. Chicks that are left alone during this time will form groups with other chicks, called crèches, to keep warm and reduce predation.
  • Tux and Prince are raising the chick on exhibit right now at Penguin Point. The Animal Health and Animal Care teams are monitoring the health of Mom, Dad, and chick closely, but otherwise, allowing the parents to do their job.  OdySea Aquarium has created a "penguin playpen" around the nest, so that the parents can come and go as they please, but the chick is restricted to the area around the nest so that it stays dry and safe from the other birds in the colony. 

Baby Sea Lion Pups Soon-to- BeBorn

  • OdySea Aquarium is excited to announce the impending birth new California sea lion babies (called "pups") expected to arrive June or July.  
  • As the expectant moms Ella, Penny and Skye carry out their gestation period, which lasts between 11 and 12 months for California sea lions, the Animal Care team at OdySea Aquarium is busy preparing for the upcoming delivery. Preparation includes regular exams by the aquarium's veterinarian and Animal Health Director, Dr. Eric Anderson who, along with the team, assesses the expectant mothers' weight, behavior, body form, and overall appetite. They also perform routine voluntary diagnostics on the sea lions, such as ultrasounds, to monitor the pups' growth and development.  
  • Ella, Penny and Skye were sired by dad-to-be, Hondo. California sea lions are polygamous, so typically one dominant bull male will mate with more than one female. The bull claims his harem and breeding territory and will fight other bull males that try to challenge that. Hondo is the eldest and most dominant male at OdySea Aquarium so the hierarchy within the sea lion family is well established, and the two younger males do not challenge him for this role. 
  • While the father's sole role is breeding, mothers are vital to rearing the pups, which weigh between 13 and 20 pounds at birth. Mothers nurse their young for up to a year and teach them important skills such as swimming and foraging for food. Pups learn to recognize the smell and vocalizations of their mothers, and mothers recognize their pups the same way. 

For more information:

OdySea Aquarium 
9500 East Via de Ventura A-100, Scottsdale, AZ 85256
Phone: (480) 291-8000