Re: Vitalize: Arizona's Family Reporter Cameron Ridle shares his weight loss story

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It’s no secret, people on TV tend to look good. While everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, there is no denying that most of your favorite people from TV are in pretty good shape, except your favorite Phoenix TV reporter, me.

At one point, I weighed 260 lbs. Of course, I’d like to believe the camera just adds 10 pounds, but it’s not adding THAT much.

A heavier Cameron is an image seen on TV every day and an image that I battle with every day in the mirror. I started gaining weight in college, while also driving school buses and motor coaches on long distance trips across the Midwest and then spending hours every weekend on the radio in Indianapolis. All of them were jobs that required me to sit for hours and allowed me to eat while working.

In no time at all, “Tiny Cameron” was only a picture from the past.

Television was the first gig where my appearance was 50 percent of my job. In Michigan, I worked as a news anchor and reporter for WNEM-TV and was the heaviest I’d ever been in my life.  I weighed around 260 lbs. For all of high school, I only weighed 160 lbs. It wasn’t long after starting my new TV job in Michigan that the suit jackets became a little tighter and there was less wiggle room around the waistband.

When I moved to Phoenix, I knew it was time to make a change. Last summer in Michigan, I lost 30 pounds, but I gained much of that weight back when I moved to Arizona. This time, I needed a new solution to help me lose weight and keep it off. The doctors and staff at Re: Vitalize in Chandler guaranteed my weight loss was a mission they could accomplish.

Dr. Noel Abood and his staff say their program guarantees that their patients will lose 20 pounds in 40 days by speeding up their metabolism, causing the body to burn its own fat... kind of like how a bear hibernates. My diet included a ton of water, nearly 100 ounces every day. Completely removed from my diet were my favorite things: fats, oils and sugars.

I started the Re: Vitalize program in March. On paper, my numbers were shocking! At 25 years old and 245 pounds, I had the metabolism of a 90-year-old, very slow and hardly burning any calories. 

According to body scans, the fat around my heart was very high and water levels were extremely low. For the next 40 days, my goal was to improve my numbers and drop weight. 

While I didn’t have to exercise, it wasn’t easy giving up my favorite sugary and fatty food, such as honey buns (they're sweet and filling). Still, I knew I had to do it. 

Starting the diet meant a massive change to the way I ate. It meant cooking nearly all of my meals, something I rarely did before. Every day and every night started with cooking a high protein meal.  I cooked eggs most of the time for breakfast. At night lots of fish, chicken and even steak! 

In a matter of days, the pounds started falling off. In my first week on the program, I dropped 5 pounds. From there it became a bit harder to lose weight, as your body naturally tries to prevent rapid weight loss. 

As I pushed through, you could see a noticeable difference in my physical appearance. My jackets were not stretching, there was more room in my shirts, and my pants would barely stay up. As my face got smaller, my numbers on paper improved. 

I'm down nearly 15 pounds and my metabolic age has improved by 20 years. My hydration levels were nearly perfect and the fat around my heart dropped noticeably. 

Just over 40 days in and the Re: Vitalize diet worked!

Today, I’m down the guaranteed 20 pounds. I feel lighter, walking is easier, my self-esteem is higher and you know while I still have work to do, I'm starting to think I look pretty good!

For more information on Re: Vitalize diet, call: (480) 435-3557 or click here

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