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Royal Wedding Trends 

As soon as Meghan Markle walks down the aisle, everything changes. We check out wedding trends that are on the "mark" thanks to Meghan Markle! And, let's not forget about the guy either as Prince Harry has his own dapper style.

While not all of us are fortunate enough to marry royalty, we can still channel royal elements into our own weddings. And Meghan Markle's upcoming nuptials have future brides wanting to jump on the royal bandwagon for their own ceremonies more than ever.

There's no better future bride to fangirl over than Meghan Markle, what with her gorgeous three-stone engagement ring and the stylish, enviable gown she wore for her engagement photos (that sadly costs $75,000). But even without royal budgets, experts have seen an increase in Markle-inspired wedding trends with non-royal brides, including honeymoons in Botswana and banana wedding cakes. After all, what bride doesn't want to feel like a real-life princess on her wedding day!?

According to, Markle's style has been influencing the wedding industry as early as two weeks after her engagement announcement to Prince Harry. Deemed the "Meghan Phenomenon," Meghan Markle fans seem to be closely keeping up with every move the soon-to-be royal bride makes in terms of wedding planning. And, as snippets of new royal wedding updates have emerged, future brides are quick to follow in Markle's footsteps for their own nuptials.

Among the many wedding trends that Markle seems to have spearheaded are increased searches for proposals in London, white wrap coats similar to the one she sported for her engagement announcement, custom engagement rings, wedding castle locales, and royal wedding suppliers. There's also been an increased interest in Paloma Blanca wedding dresses (because Markle allegedly tried on one of her gowns, of course), and brides are actually shifting away from May 2018 wedding dates since the May 19th royal wedding will most likely upstage all others. (Sorry, May brides!)

Before their engagement, the future bride and groom vacationed in Botswana, and the center stone from Markle's engagement ring came from said country, hence the increase in honeymoon interest for the South African locale. The duo also selected a banana cake for their reception, which marks the first royal wedding cake made out of the yellow fruit, and it would appear that more brides are going B-A-N-A-N-A-S for this trend.

The rise in custom engagement rings also hints that grooms are taking a cue from Prince Harry, who earned the Fiancé of the Year award after designing Markle's three-stone sparkler himself. Sadly, non-royal grooms won't have access to diamonds from Princess Diana's collection to top off their fiancé’s engagement rings, but they can still get the same look for less.

Fans want to mimic Markle's style so much that the green P.A.R.O.S.H dress she wore during her engagement announcement sold out in the blink of an eye. Not to mention, everyone seems to want a nose just like her’ sit’s one of the most requested in the plastic surgery world. We anticipate all Meghan everything, with brides copying every detail from her pre-wedding beauty regimen to her future wedding dress style (which we're DYING to see).

The "Meghan Phenomenon" is especially prevalent in search traffic the week after her engagement news broke, the former Suits actress was Googled five times more than Donald Trump (#MeghanForPresident).

Arizona Bridal Show
The Arizona Bridal Show, America's Largest Bridal Show is returning to the Phoenix Convention Center South Building, Sunday, June 10th, 2018.

Thousands of brides and their entourages will attend the 1-day expo to create their signature weddings with cutting-edge ideas from over 400 of the valley's top wedding experts. Couples can plan their entire wedding in one day and enjoy award-winning cuisine from Arizona's top wedding chefs.

The one-day event, taking place at the Phoenix Convention Center Sunday, June 10th, 2018 will open its doors at 9:00 a.m. and close at 3:00 p.m.

Admission is $12.00 per person at the door.  For more information, discounted tickets, or to register to become an exhibitor, visit

Suzanne's Bridal Boutique
3614 E. Southern Avenue, Suite 106, Mesa, AZ  85206
Website: (gowns)
Phone: (480) 926-9106

Arizona Bridal Source
Wedding Marketing, Inc.
Post Office Box 50622
Phoenix, Arizona 85076-0622
Phone:(602) 418-9089
Website: (stylist)

Y-Knot Party
1127 West Main Street
Mesa, Arizona 85201
Website: (floral)

Mr. Formal Phoenix
333 E. Camelback Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone: (602) 265-4431

Mr. Formal Phoenix/Glendale
3434 W. Peoria Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85029
Phone: (602) 866-9786
Website: (men’s' apparel)

Sun City Farmer's Market 

Every week in May, we'll give a Valley chef $30 and see what they're able to create using only items from a farmer’s market (meats, vegetables, sauces, pasta, etc.) plus a few kitchen staples. It will be a fun way for viewers to see how a Valley chef is able to whip up a delicious meal using only ingredients from a farmer's market, promoting farm to table cooking and creative thinking!

Sun City Farmer's Market
16820 N 99th Ave
Sun City, Arizona 85351
Phone: (623) 848-1234

George's Cafe 
16820 N 99th Ave (Inside Recreation Center of Sun City)
Sun City, Arizona 85351
Phone: (623) 518-4525

The Garden Guy: Summer Fertilization

It's getting to be that time of year to start thinking about fertilizing your trees, roses, vegetables and other plants around your yard. There are a few things you should keep in mind when fertilizing the inorganic fertilizers. Typically, synthetic fertilizers cause quick, succulent growth that is more susceptible to disease and insect damage and contaminate our ground water supplies. You also kill a lot of beneficial organics in the soil that help plants manufacture food, which helps your plants and lawn grow. If I were going to have only one item to help my garden grow, it would be compost. Good compost not only fertilizers, but also reduces water consumption and disease. I top-dress my rose beds, vegetable garden and lawn with compost, gradually reducing any extra fertilizer needed during the year. Spread 2 to 4 inches of compost around your shrubs and trees but do not let compost come in contact with the trunks. Epsom salts can be used for roses and daffodil bulb and you can try making a foliar spray of ¼ cup to a gallon of water to spray on your roses, placing coffee ground which are full of nitrogen around your plants and banana peels around your roses to help them resist insects such as aphids.

Contact Dave at, or visit 

Home Buying Trends

Spring is the hottest season for real estate and 60% of Americans who move do so between May and August, so right now is prime time for people to be thinking about whether or not they are going to buy or sell a home in 2018.
*In Metro Phoenix's current housing market, prices for homes priced below $300,000 are rising fastest because demand is highest.
*In general, the # of Metro Phoenix homes for sale is down 12% from a year ago.
*A recent Zillow survey found that the average PHX homeowner spends almost $20k in extra or hidden costs associated with prepping your home for a sale. 

If you are thinking about buying, there is currently intense competition for homes in Phoenix, but there are ways for local homeowners to get a leg up.

Buying Tips:

  • Use a mobile app that will allow you to see 10, 20 or 30 homes in a single day.  Opendoor's mobile app allows shoppers to see homes anytime between 6am-9pm.  With nearly 300 Opendoor homes on the market, the app helps people see a home immediately and on their time schedule. The app shows you how many other people have visited a home, so you can get a sense of what the local interest and competition for that home is. 
  • Visit homes through virtual tours - check out homes online or through mobile phone apps, such as or  Using technology will save lots of time in finding that perfect home.     
  • Visit neighborhoods you're considering at different times of day.  A neighborhood that is quiet during the day, may be noisy at night.  Talk to people who live there, drive to and from work during commuting hours to get an idea of what a typical day might be like. 
  • Have your financing all lined up
  • Decide where you can compromise
  • When you come across a home you love, prepare to make an offer fast, before someone beats you to it.

Selling Tips: 
If you are thinking about selling, there are some upgrades you can work on right now that will add $$ to your home: 

  • Install granite countertops in place of Formica or tile
  • Replace a standard shingle roof with a tile or metal roof
  • Replace a standard plaster pool finish with Pebble-Tec  
  • Add custom built-ins in a key room of the home, including the kitchen, master bathroom, and living room
  • Install smart home technology
  • Add professional landscaping with a smart, low-maintenance irrigation system, or weather-appropriate hardscaping

For more information:

6360 E Thomas Rd Ste 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone: (480) 351-6622

Tara at the Movies: "Book Club"

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