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Local Love: Luna Gelateria

When local restaurateur Stefano Fabbri moved to the United States from Italy, he had dreams of opening a gelateria. Instead, he opened a pizzeria. Three successful locations of Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana later and Stefano was ready to fulfill the rest of his dreams by opening Luna Gelateria in Scottsdale, AZ. He decided he would make the gelato as authentic and delicious as the pizza.

Luna imported Frigomat GX8 imported from Italy, the very first in Arizona. The GX8 is a batch freezer display that makes gelato right in front of the customers and churns all day so that it never crystallizes and creates an "always fresh" consistency. One bite and you'll notice the difference between just any gelato. 

Luna makes everything from scratch. No mix-ins or powders here.

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Luna Gelateria
8977 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85253
Phone: (480) 907-5202

BusyKid, a chore app

BusyKid, a chore app created by Phoenix dad Gregg Murset, helps kids learn about earning a paycheck, saving, spending and even investing in the stock market.

Perfect story for the start of summer break & summer jobs!

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Sassy's Cafe & Bakery: Royal Scones

We are all so fascinated by the royal wedding. We just can't help ourselves! And if you love everything British right now, how about some scones! We get the scoop on how to make the most authentic and delicious scones, perhaps what the royals will be enjoying this weekend.   

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Sassy's Cafe & Bakery 
4210 E Main Street Mesa, AZ 85205
(480) 649-3067
Hours: Monday through Saturday 7am -5 pm, Sunday: closed

Realty expert Daniel McCarthy of Delex Realty talks about how HGTV shows can actually hurt home sellers in Valley.

When it comes to reality programming, HGTV is a popular one that has viewers glued to their sets episode after episode for every home transformation. However, local real estate expert Daniel McCarthy of DeLex Realty actually believes HGTV can portray a myth to homeowners and those who want to sell their home that remodeling is a must-do, when in fact it's not. McCarthy advises homeowners and those preparing to put their homes on the market by dispelling the myth that homeowners need to completely gut or remodel their homes prior to putting them on the market. 

He notes, "The fact is that the overwhelming value of a home is going to be determined by its location and size of the home not necessarily what's inside. You cannot, for example, remodel your home into a different neighborhood." McCarthy does admit that a remodel that involves adding square footage to the home can be beneficial but advises homeowners to be aware that the addition may not provide the return on investment needed to make it a worthwhile endeavor. 

Another item for homeowners to keep in mind is that upgrades will eventually become outdated. "The best thing a homeowner can do is locate the top five selling prices for homes within the same square footage and bedroom quantity, then find out what upgrades those properties have," McCarthy suggests. "Instead of a total remodel, you may find just some upgraded appliances will be enough. Or instead of an entire landscape overhaul, a simple paint job may serve you better."

While adding to square footage isn't always an option, McCarthy recommends getting a home inspection done and fixing any repairs found prior to putting the home on the market. He insists that cleaning and decluttering can also work wonders to make a home look as fresh as possible. "Know the problems before the buyers do and present the home in the best light," he adds, noting that cleaning and decluttering are two of his three "non-negotiables" when it comes to listing a home. The third? Depersonalize the home by removing family photos or memorabilia so potential buyers can envision their personal items in the home instead. 

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DeLex Realty
20783 N. 83rd Ave.
Peoria, AZ 85382
Phone: 602-910-3002

The Wildlife World Zoo: Crested Screamers

Crested Screamers Facts:

  • The Southern Screamers, also commonly referred to as Crested Screamers, are endemic in South America.
  • The body shape and size of crested screamers resemble that of a goose or turkey.
  • Their estimated lifespan is about 15 years.
  • Their bones have more hollow spaces and there are layers of air cells under the skin, making them light and buoyant.
  • They inhabit tropical and sub-tropical swamps, estuaries and watersides.
  • During the non-breeding season, this non-migratory species is usually seen in large flocks, feeding on the ground in grasslands and cultivated fields.
  • When breeding, they will typically pair off.
  • The Southern Screamer measures about 3337 inches in length and weighs about 8.89.9 lbs.
  • These excellent swimmers have partially webbed feet and the bony 2-inch spurs on their wings are used for protection against rivals and predators.
  • Unlike most waterfowl, they have long toes that help them grasp vegetation while they wade through their watery habitat. They are also able to walk on dense mats of floating plants.
  • The Southern Screamers establishes monogamous relationships that last a lifetime.
  • Their noisy courtship calls can be heard for up to two miles away. 
  • Their large platform nests are constructed out of reeds, straws and other aquatic plants. They are placed in inaccessible places near water.
  • The clutch consists of two and seven white eggs. Both the male and female share the incubation, which lasts for 43 - 46 days.
  • The young are able to leave the nest soon after hatching; but the parents will continue to care for them for several weeks.
  • They usually take their first flight when they are about 8 - 14 weeks old.
  • Unlike some species of waterfowl, they don't filter their food.
  • They mostly feed on plants stems, seeds, leaves, and, occasionally, small animals.
  • Like many species, they are rapidly losing their wetland homes to habitat loss. The land is drained for agriculture use, trees are logged, and human encroachment brings pollution.

The Wildlife World Zoo is located at 16501 W. Northern Ave. in Litchfield Park.
For more information on all the zoo's exciting attractions and events, call 623-935-WILD or check out their website:  

Social Media Prenups 

What is a social media prenup? 
o    the social media prenup can define what you and your spouse are allowed to post about the other, including videos, photos and comments, also specific dates. Do you want the social media clause to cover you throughout the marriage or only if you're going through a divorce?

Who needs one? 
o    Anyone considering a prenup in a marriage 
o    Doesn't hurt to have firm guidelines, since social media is so prevalent in our society today 
o    Employers look at social media before hiring, you want to make sure your ex doesn't sabotage you 
o    people who value their privacy or could suffer economic loss from bad publicity i.e.  those whose job depends on their reputation or who have spent resources and time investing in their reputation (business owners, lawyers, etc.).

How can a social media prenup help you in your marriage?
o    It can help outline when you can post pictures of your spouse, children, how often you can use social media. 

What are the penalties if a prenup is broken? 
o    Set the ramifications relative to what the party's assets are 
o    Hefty fines will make people think twice about doing something impulsive in an attempt to destroy the reputation of an ex

Topics that may be addressed in the clauses:
o    What information/pictures can be shared of current or future children
o    Who is allowed access to any joint accounts (for example, limiting the sharing of passwords for joint fb account)
o    Appropriate damages for disparaging post/comments in the event of divorce/separation
o    Certain off-limits topics (for example, a restaurant owner may put a clause in prohibiting his spouse from putting bad restaurant reviews on YELP, as it appears petty to others in the industry)
o    Whether accounts need to be kept private (for example, a doctor may prohibit his/her spouse from having a public account, so as to maintain privacy)

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Radix Law
15205 N Kierland Blvd, Ste 200 (10.72 mi)
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
Phone: (602) 606-9300