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Mother's Day at Home: How to create a beautiful table scape for mom on Mother's Day she'll love!

Looking to surprise Mom with breakfast in bed, or a beautiful brunch at home? Here are some tips from Pauline Martinez on easy ways to make mom smile. 
She is available for segments to show these tips:

For a beautiful and cost-effective Mother's Day Tablescape try the following tips:

** Use mini pictures of the mom, or include pictures of the whole family, framed or part of seat markers or centerpieces.

** Make butterfly cutouts as wine glass markers or place cards

** Use wine glasses of varying heights for floral displays instead of buying vases. 

** Use palm or Fig leaves for beautiful accents in place settings or even food trays.

** Instead of buying expensive flowers, go outside and find bougainvillea or other flowers in bloom. The color is gorgeous 
and they're everywhere.

** Use edibles to decorate--A 3-tiered stand loaded with fresh berries is stunning on a table and it's all edible so there's no waste.

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James Judge Reclaimed Home

Restoring. Reimaging. And Reusing old items to add character and charm to a home to help maximize the style, design, an originality of the home. 

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AAWL CPR on Pets and CPR Training

Most people have a general idea of how to do CPR on another person, but what about their dog or cat?

If you don't, the Arizona Animal Welfare League can show you how with lifelike dog and cat mannequins! 

Using grant money awarded by the Petfinder Foundation, AAWL's Camp Vet (for ages 13 to 17) summer program will now include hands-on experience with these mannequins -- from drawing blood and providing injections to compressions, taking a pulse and CPR breathing. 

The week-long Camp Vet begins in June and runs through July. Registration is $325 for five days (9 a.m. to 3 p.m.) of camp. Before- and after-care is also available for an additional fee. The Arizona Animal Welfare League is the state's oldest and largest no-kill shelter.

Steps for performing CPR on animals who are more than 30 pounds
Step 1: Check to see if the pet has a pulse and is unconscious. Your pet's pulse is located in the top of the hind leg you can tell by feeling for a ridge. Try calling your pet's name, lighting shaking him or her and touching the inside of his or her eye. If this doesn't wake your pet up, begin CPR.
Step 2: Lay your pet on his or her right side on a flat surface.
Step 3: Stack your hands-on top of each other and interlock your fingers. Then, place your palm on top of the rib cage near the heart. With your elbows straight, press the rib cage in a downward motion about one-third the width of the chest. You want to do five compressions at 80 beats per minute. 
TIP: Do you know the 1970s disco song "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees? If so, try to do compressions to that tempo. If not, head to YouTube when you're not in an emergency situation and check it out.
Step 4: After compressions, it's time to begin artificial respiration. Cup your pet's muzzle (nose and mouth) between your hands and breathe into its nose. Continue to do every five compressions.
Step 5: You're done with CPR once your pet is breathing again and has a steady pulse. If your pet has not shown improvement after 10 minutes, the CPR has not been successful.

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Arizona Animal Welfare league
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Kitchen Hacks

Some of the hacks may include the following:

  • Cutting tomatoes under in between plates
  • Cutting cheese and cake with dental floss
  • Use a straw to remove strawberry stem
  • Put a wooden spoon over a boiling pot to keep it from boiling over
  • Freezing grapes for wine or coffee in ice cubes so it doesn't get watered down
  • Separate an egg with a water bottle
  • Making pancakes in a large water bottle to reduce dishes and have easy pouring
  • Rub oil on your knife before cutting an onion to prevent tearing up

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Matching Mother's Day: Jenn Loyd

Jenn Loyd, lifestyle and fashion expert, is here to give tips on how to do adorable "Mommy & Me" fashion for Mother's Day. Jenn specializes in styling women by their body type because mom has to look great for Mother's Day! For these tips, the best accessory is the sidekick!

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