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Valley of the Sun YMCA: Teacher Walkout Response 

As a result of the teacher walkout, the Valley of the Sun YMCA is committed to providing quality childcare for families requiring this service through designated regional care centers and our existing preschool programs.   There is a fee for these services, with varying rates for YMCA members and non-members. However, as a nonprofit organization, the YMCA will never turn anyone away for their inability to pay. Financial assistance is available for this drop-in program. 

Regional care Centers:
The following branches have been designated as school-age regional care centers with hours of operation from 6:30AM to 6:30PM.   Additional locations may be added based upon capacity. 

  • Ross Farnsworth-East Valley Family YMCA   
  • Tempe Family YMCA 
  • Chris-Town Family YMCA 
  • Scottsdale/Paradise Valley Family YMCA 
  • Glendale/Peoria Family YMCA 
  • Southwest Valley Family YMCA 
  • Ahwatukee Foothills Family YMCA 
  • Desert Foothills Family YMCA 
  • Copper Basin Family YMCA 
  • Maryvale Family YMCA 
  • Flagstaff Family YMCA 
  • Yuma Family YMCA 

Our existing preschools will accept daily enrollments as they are able due to their capacity and ratios. (Scottsdale, Chandler, Flagstaff). 


  • Daily fees will be charged at a member/non-member rates according to pricing tier: 
  • Maryvale: $10 (M) / $25 (NM) 
  • Chris-Town/Copper Basin/Glendale/Yuma: $30 (M) / $50 (NM) 
  • East Valley/Flagstaff/Southwest/Tempe: $35 (M) / $55 (NM) 
  • Ahwatukee/Scottsdale: $40 (M) / $60 (NM) 
  • Desert Foothills: $50 (M) / $70 (NM) 
  • Current YMCA before/afterschool participants will receive an additional $10 discount per day 

YMCA will additionally continue to offer before/afterschool for additional days of school added to the school year.  

For our licensed programs parents will need to complete a registration form and emergency/immunization form to enroll.   

For more information and to download forms visit:

Local Love: Alo Cafe

Alo Cafe is nestled in the Charles Miller Square in Old Town Scottsdale.
The restaurant is more like a home-- and is open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Owner, Steve Martinez, is from New York City. He got his first job at 16 years old in a hamburger joint and has been cooking ever since!  He's traveled the world, exploring the flavors and styles of Argentina, South Africa, Namibia, Spain, France, the United States and Canada.

But his heart is loyal to Estonia and the name Alo Cafe reflects that. Steve's family in Estonia fled from their homes and farms as the Soviet occupation became imminent. His parents were lucky enough to escape--over rooftops-- to get out of Estonia. As Estonians, Steve says his family is very proud that through it all, Estonians dance, sing and preserve their culture. And one-way Steve is honoring his heritage is with the name of his restaurant.

Alo Mattiisen is a beloved musician and composer from the Estonian Singing Revolution.
Hence the name, Alo Cafe. And you will eat well here.  Alo Cafe is a Euro-style breakfast and lunch cafe serving up something light-- or hearty like homemade brisket, corned beef hash, pastrami and sausages. 

Open 7AM till 2PM seven days a week, except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

For more information, visit: and Facebook:

Alo Cafe 
6960 E. 1st Street Scottsdale, AZ 85251         
Phone: (480) 878-4172           

Phoenician Spa 

Brand-new, three-story building
Features a rooftop pool; Drybar; Aroma Design Bar in its Boutique Shop; 24 treatment rooms, including a Tranquility Suite for couples/small groups; Vitality Pools/Hot Tubs with dramatic views of Camelback Mountain in both men's and women's locker rooms; a quiet relaxation room; a movement studio; and nail salon
Providing a nurturing and contemporary approach to relaxation and overall well-being with iconic service as its foundation

Special Mother's Day Offer:  Treat Mom to a truly transformative experience with a signature 50-minute massage at the NEW Phoenician Spa, complemented by a luxurious overnight stay at Arizona's premier resort destination.  This special package starts at just $329 and is available May 11-13, 2018.  Please call )480) 941-8200 for room reservations and ask for rate plan:  SPAMOM.  Spa appointments can be made by calling (480) 423-2452.

For more information, visit:

The Phoenician Spa
6000 E. Camelback Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
(480) 423-2452

Scorpion Bay Marina Launches the two nicest luxury yacht charters 

Neptune and Poseidon bringing boat luxury to a whole new level
8 Million has been invested in Scorpion Bay to allow more people especially those that don't own a boat to be able and enjoy a day at the lake!  they can eat in the new restaurants, or rent boat, water toys, or spend a worry-free day on these two yachts

For more information, visit: and Facebook:

Scorpion Bay Marina
Address & Cross Streets: Lake Pleasant Regional Park
41835 N. Castle Hot Springs Rd.
(928)  501-2628
Off Hwy 74 (Carefree Hwy) at MP 19

The Wildlife World Zoo: 2-month-old serval kitten name Milo!

Serval Facts:

  • Whether a serval is crepuscular or nocturnal depends on the prey
  • "Serval" is Portuguese for "wolf-deer"
  • A servals' hind legs are longer than its front ones
  • The Ancient Egyptians used to worship servals for their grace and power
  • A serval's ears are the largest of any cat in comparison to its body size
  • Serval's ears serve as radars which easily recognize sound produced by moving animal (even when they are moving in the underground tunnels). Along with other senses, ears help them find the prey quickly.
  • It also has the longest legs
  • Servals use sharp claws to catch different types of prey: rodents, squirrels, fish, frogs, snakes, small birds
  • Nicknames for the serval include: "bush cat" and "giraffe cat"
  • The serval is sometimes referred to as a small cheetah
  • While most cats can catch prey in 5-6 tries, a serval can catch it about 50% of the time
  • They can even catch flying birds.
  • The serval is the fastest running cat, other than the cheetah
  • Main predators of servals are humans (who hunt them for fur), leopards, hyenas and dogs.
  • No two servals have the exact same markings on their fur
  • Serval is medium-sized cat which lives in the Central and South Africa.
  • Servals are 2 to 3 ¼ feet long. Their weight ranges from 20-40 pounds. Serval's tail is quite short and covered in black rings. It has a black tip.
  • The serval is sometimes referred to as the "Savannah Stalker" because of its wonderful hunting skills on African grasslands and savannahs
  • Servals live 10-12 years in the wild, and 13 years in captivity. Oldest known serval lived 23 years.
  • They can jump up to 6ft in the air and leap over 13ft

The Wildlife World Zoo is located at 16501 W. Northern Ave. in Litchfield Park.
For more information on all the zoo's exciting attractions and events, call 623-935-WILD or check out their website:  

How to install a turf driveway with advice from the Maricopa County Home & Garden Show and The Synthetic Grass Store

The Synthetic Grass Store will offer FREE DIY workshops on how to install your own turf at The Maricopa County Home & Garden Show THIS weekend, April 27-29 at The Arizona State Fairgrounds. 

This is just one of many FREE classes at The Maricopa County Home & Garden Show this weekend, including free make-and-take crafts and DIY workshops.

The Maricopa County Home & Garden Show, the largest home show in the Southwest, returns to the Arizona State Fairgrounds Friday, April 27 through Sunday, April 29, featuring more than 1,000 innovative and inspiring exhibits. 

For more information visit

For more information on the The Synthetic Grass Store, visit:

General Admission: $8 daily for adults, kids ages 3-12 are $3. Children 2 and younger are free. 
Senior Morning: Friday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., admission for guests 60 and older is $1. 
Customer Appreciation:  $1 admission Friday evening between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. 
Military Appreciation: $4 admission with valid military identification all three days. 
April Birthdays: Visit the info booth for a special gift with valid ID.
Donate & Save: Donate at either entrance: 1 package of diapers (any size/unopened) + 1 package of wipes to receive 2 FREE admission tickets, benefiting Arizona Children's Association.
Onsite Parking for a fee.

The Maricopa County Home & Garden Show
April 27-29 
Arizona State Fairgrounds
1826 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix