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Beet Tart, Chicken Ssam & Drunken Chicken Dumplings


Recipe Courtesy of Chef Dang of Clever Koi

Beet Tart

Pastry Dough

Butter About 2 cups
Flour  About 2 cups
Water (Cold) About 1 cup
Salt 1TSP

• Freeze Butter
• Shred butter through robo coup with the shredder attachment
• Combine flour and butter together in a bowl
• Add the water as needed
• Allow the  dough rest for at least 30 mins in a covered bowl
• Flour the table with roughly 1/2c of flour
• Roll out dough to an 1/8in thickness
• Using the widest part of the small coup as a guide, cut out circles
• Separate with parchment paper and store in walk in covered

Braise Beets

Beets 5-6
Water 16 cups
Brown Sugar 1cup
Salt To Taste

• Combine all ingredients a metal 600 half pan
• Place in a 400 oven for 4-5 hours or until tender
• Cool in the braising liquid

Bourbon Syrup

Maple Syrup 2cups
Bourbon ½ Cup 

• Combine and reduce by 25%

The Ins and Outs of our Beet Tart

Flour the table as to not allow the pastry dough to stick, lay out one pastry dough round and begin shingling the beets as to form a spiral while alternating between golden beets and red beets. Fold up the edges of the pastry dough to form crimps. Whip 3 eggs and take a small brush and wash the outside of the pastry dough with the egg wash to give it that golden brown look. Place in a 400 degree oven for at least 15 minutes or until the pastry turns golden brown. Garnish with goat cheese, rosemary, and whiskey molasses.

Chicken Ssam:

Chicken Thighs 8 
Fish Sauce 1/5 Cup
Rice Wine Vinegar About 1 Cup
Gochujang 1 ¼ Cup
Gochugaru A pinch
Sugar A pinch
Garlic 2 Cloves
Ginger 1/5 Cup
Scallion 1 bunch
Sesame Oil A splash
Chicken Stock 2cups

• Slice Scallions and mince ginger and garlic
• Remove skin from all chicken thighs
• Combine all ingredients together in a pot and bring to boil
• Simmer for 20 mins
• Remove chicken and shred
• Let sauce simmer for another 10 mins
• Combine chicken and sauce and cool together

House Pickles

English Cucumber 6ea
Salt 6T
Rice Wine Vinegar 8 cups
Sugar 2cups
Garlic 5T
Sambal 5T

• Thinly slice cucumbers and mix with salt, let sit for at least 10 mins.
• Drain liquid from bowl and add remaining ingredients.
• Chill for 3 hours minimum before use


Napa Cabbage 1cs.
Green Onion Tops (1inch pieces) 10 bunches
Green Onion (white sliced) 10 bunches
Fish Sauce 2cup
Chili Flake 1cup
Daikon (batonette) 10
Garlic (minced) 2cup
Ginger (minced) 2cup
House Sriracha  2cup
Paprika 1cup
Salt 1 box

• Cut Cabbage down to 1inch pieces
• Soak Cabbage in salt water for 45min. 1 box salt to 2/3 full sink of water. (make sure salt is fully dissolved)
• Drain liquid and remove cabbage from sink. Strain in two large strainers for 15-20 min.
• Mix all ingredients and let sit out for 4-5 days. (refrigerate beyond this point)
• Ready to be used after three days at room temp.

The Ins and Outs of our Ssam
Follow the recipe above and place the braised chicken in a bowl in the center of a large wooden plate. Place Bib lettuce, fresh sliced fresnos, house pickles, house made kimchi, black garlic puree, roasted fennel and heirloom carrots, Thai basil, and Cilantro around the wooden plate nicely. Garnish the chicken with 1 burnt scallion.

Drunken Chicken Dumplings:

Chicken Thighs 8#
Shaoxing Wine 3cups
Mirin 2cups
Sake 2cups
Water 4cups
Soy 4cups
Garlic 1/2cups
Ginger 1/4cups
Green Onions (Whites) 2cups
Hoisin 1/2cups
Sugar 1cup
Shredded Carrots 6 cups
Shredded Celery Root 6 cups

• Excluding carrots, hoisin and celery root, combine all ingredients and braise in the oven @ 400 for 45mins.
• Remove chicken and pull apart by hand, discarding the skin, and pulse twice in the robo coup.
• Strain the braising liquid, discard the vegetables, and save the braise
• Lightly sauté carrots and celery root and deglaze with 2c of the braise and cook till dry
• Combine all ingredients together and finish with Hoisin.
• Save braise for finishing plates

Yuzu Vinaigrette

Water 3cups
Yuzu 1/4 cups
Sesame Oil 1t
Salt 2T
White Pepper 1T

• Combine all ingredients

The Ins and Outs of our Drunken Chicken Dumpling

Follow the recipe above, and with your dumpling filling tightly mold into 1 ounce round balls. Lay out individual wonton wrappers, and spray lightly with water. Place filling in the center of the wonton wrapper, and fold up each side, creating and peak in the center. Lightly dust with rice flour, and coat the flat top with an even amount of blend oil. Place dumplings on flat top and let sear for about 5 minutes, or until a golden brown crust forms on the bottom. Grab a squeeze bottle of water, and pour an even amount all around the dumplings, then cover with a dome to let steam. While the dumplings are steaming, place out the rest of the dish on a rectangle plate. Fennel and pear salad, dressed in a yuzu vinaigrette, get spread across the plate. After about 2 minutes pull dome off and place dumplings on salad. Garnish with chicken braising liquid, chili oil, sesame seeds and daikon sprouts. Enjoy!

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