Stress Epidemic: How to manage it

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By: Theresa Price, MS, RD - Life Time, Inc.

Do you ever wonder why you have stubborn midsection belly fat?  Or why you can not seem to have a perfect baby-like sleep?  Or why you are also unable to cut out your sugar or salt cravings despite your best efforts?

It may be time to look into the source behind your derailments. 

The source is none other than, STRESS. 

Yes, perceived stress from work, finances, family, and other mental stressors is one thing.  But other unknown factors can be related to the types of exercise you perform, types of foods you eat, food sensitivities or allergies, external chemicals and pollutants, and even your routine morning coffee.

Basically, our body is made up of hormonal adaptations. 

Here's a lengthy example; when you have overwhelming amounts of perceived and also unknown stressors in your body, internal aspects begin to change.  One change is an elevation of your stress hormone, cortisol.  When cortisol begins to rise out of balance a cascade of other events follow, such as elevated and/or fluctuating blood sugar and insulin balance, as well as female and male hormone balance, and lastly thyroid balance could possibly be impacted.  When cortisol levels are higher than an optimal value, you may experience more stress or anxiety, increased sugar/carb cravings, sluggish morning energy, a wired but tired evening feeling, and stubborn belly fat (no matter how high intense your workouts are)! 

Another major factor that is impacted by stress is our digestion.  Our metabolism begins with our ability to digest foods.  If you can imagine a business operating on small, frequent bursts of customers throughout the day, that is your metabolism operating at it's best with small frequent meals that digest properly in your gut.  Now you can imagine if your gut system is not digesting properly how that can create a kink in your metabolism.

By now your screaming "This is so me, Help!" 

Here's what you can do to start mending your metabolism from the havocs of stress:

  • Mindful meditation/Yin Yoga/deep breathing  Life Time's signature Yoga Formats such as Surrender and BE
  • Massage therapy  Life Time's Signature Massage Treatments XEN, RSQ, FLX
  • Food journal, to see if certain foods cause additional bloating or fatigue. Take a food sensitivity test at Life Time.
  • Determine if you need a supplemental program to mend your gut function  Life Time's Gut Fix Kit
  • Test your cortisol levels  Life Time's Stress and Resilience Test
  • Get on the best exercise and diet program for your goals  Know Your Resting and Active Metabolic Rates with tests at Life Time.
  • Eliminate processed foods, reduce HIIT exercise, limit plastic usage

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