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Window film can help reduce heat, glare and even offer more privacy. Home Depot Debbie gives her tips on the different kinds of window film available and how to install them.

A heat control window tint will help beat the heat and lower your energy bill. It can cut the heat between 20 and 40 percent. 

If you have a glare on your TV or computer, a glare control window film will help cut the glare way down.

Privacy control window films are mirror reflective and offer complete privacy so no one can see in your windows.

Decorative window film offers a decorative touch as well as privacy to front door windows, side light windows and skylights.

How to Install Window Film

  • Clean glass with non-ammonia glass cleaner and a long free or microfiber cloth
  • Cut film to desired size, using factory edge on one side and 1 inch excess on the three other sides
  • Remove liner or backing on film using two pieces of scotch tape to separate
  • Spray glass generously with window film solution or water with a few drops of dish soap or non-ammonia glass cleaner
  • Place film on window glass and adjust, using factory edge side flush with one side of the glass
  • Spray the front of the film generously as well
  • Using a squeegee, starting from the middle, smooth film in all directions
  • Wipe down with cloth
  • Trim edges
  • Enjoy!  

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