Caught on Tape: Florida driver slams into motorcyclist during road rage incident, police say

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(Sarasota Sheriff's Office) (Sarasota Sheriff's Office)

(Meredith/CNN) – Authorities in Florida have arrested a man who they say rammed a motorcyclist off the road in Sarasota, Florida.

“He was definitely going to kill me on purpose,” Darin Hendrickson, the motorcyclist, told WFTS. In the video, you can see the driver, Magdiel Medrano, allegedly ram Hendrickson off the road. Police haven't said what started the incident.

Medrano was arrested and Hendrickson was given a citation.

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“They (the police) said I didn’t stay in my lane properly,” Hendrickson said. “They can say whatever they want to say. The fact of the matter is the man tried to kill me.”

Sheriff Tom Knight said that Hendrickson shouldn’t have continued engaging Medrano once he noticed there was trouble.

“It’s better for law enforcement to handle these situations and not for victims to take it in their own hands,” Knight said during a press conference. “What’s most concerning for me as a sheriff is who this suspect is.”

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Knight went on to say that Medrano is an illegal immigrant who didn’t have a driver’s license and allegedly tried to cover up the evidence of the accident.

“The suspect (Medrano) had already begun to strip the vehicle of the doors, windows, and tags. (He) had sent text messages, which we determined were going to reveal how he was going to destroy the car,” Knight said.

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Federal immigration officials have placed a hold on Medrano.

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