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The Wildlife World Zoo: 8-week-old baby Paca named Patcha

Paca Facts:

  • The Paca is a solitary, nocturnal animal which can be found in Central and South America. 
  • Pacas are 2030in long and 1331 lbs. and are the sixth-largest rodents in the world.
  • It lives in the rainforests near water and can dig burrows that can be two meters in length, with usually one exit, and Pacas have usually more than one burrow. 
  • Pacas have three to five spots on the sides of their bodies.
  • They use their urine and anal glands to mark their territories. 
  • The Paca is considered a pest by the formers as they eat their food crops like yams, cassavas, sugar canes and corns. While they are not endangered, their numbers decline due to loss of habitat, fragmentation of the forest, hunting and domestic animal species. Hunting by farmers is on the increase because of the tendency of pacas to damage crops. They are hunted for their meat, considered as a delicacy.
  • The predators of the paca include the cougar and the jaguar.
  • They don't really have a tail, their legs are short, and they have a large, blunt head. They are slow on land but are quite good swimmers. 
  • There are four digits on their front feet and 5 on their back feet. Their toes have claws that look like hooves. 
  • Their cheeks are enlarged and have resonating chambers that amplify sounds.
  • Pacas are mostly nocturnal. 
  • They can be quite aggressive within their home range towards other pacas of the same sex or towards other animals, such as agoutis. 
  • Pacas spend most of the day asleep in a hollow log or burrow. They occasionally travel in a small group that consists of a mated pair with their young. 
  • They either construct their own burrows, usually close by a water way, or they occupy burrows built by other animals. Burrows can be over 9ft deep and usually feature a couple of entrances for general use, several more for emergencies, and an internal area for sleeping. 
  • Pacas become frightened by unfamiliar stimuli. 
  • They are good swimmers and may enter the water if they feel threatened. They dive when threatened and can stay submerged up to 15 minutes. Pacas will even mate in water.
  • Pacas feed mainly on fallen fruits, and will eat a wide range of plant material, such as seeds, leaves and tubers, either native or foreign species. They prefer foods high in energy, such as avocados or mangos, and may eat the fruit in its entirety, including the seeds, or discard certain parts.
  • They can also jump up to 3 ft 3 in and freeze up to 45 minutes.
  • The gestation period lasts from 114 to 119 days and usually just one baby is produced. The young have fur when they are born, and their eyes are open. They are born in a hole covered with twigs and leaves that is too small for predators and even the mother to enter. The mother invites her babies out with a low rolling vocalization. 
  • Pacas have an important effect on plant communities, the distribution and species variety of many plants being due to the actions of these animals, and for some fruiting species, pacas are essential for their regeneration. Indeed, the loss of pacas may mean the loss of certain tree species. Pacas eat the pods of a great number of tree species and thus effectively disperse those seeds throughout the forest, an important contribution to old-growth neotropical forests. These animals could also be regarded as ecosystem engineers, as they dig burrows that species other than themselves will use.

The Wildlife World Zoo is located at 16501 W. Northern Ave. in Litchfield Park.
For more information on all the zoo's exciting attractions and events, call 623-935-WILD or check out their website:  

Local Love: Great Gadsby

The Great Gadsby Bakery is a family run European Bakery located in Gilbert Towne Square.  Hailing from London England, this quaint business may be new on the radar but head baker Julie Gadsby has been baking for 30 years and running her business professionally for a decade.
While business was booming in England, Julie and her husband decided to move their family across the pond & make a go of things here in the valley. After almost 5 years of home baking, the Gadsby family was finally able to move the bakery into a storefront, where they have now been for the past year. Julie bakes at home aswell-- always making a homemade cake for each of her 9 children every birthday.  They range in ages from 33 to 15.

For more information visit Facebook:

The Great Gadsby Bakery
1030 S Gilbert Rd Unit #1 Gilbert AZ 85296
Phone: (480) 800-7416

Silver Tsunami- Dementia education event to offer free virtual dementia tour to attendees

A "Silver Tsunami" is expected to hit the Valley... it's a term being used by the healthcare industry to describe the wave of seniors and some of the health issues they face, particularly dementia. According to the Alzheimer's Disease International, someone in the world develops dementia every three seconds. Now, an important series never before offered in Arizona, will provide education and awareness.  

Dementia 101: Understanding Brain Changes
Hosted by Help My Senior, LLC 
April 13th
Glencroft Senior Living 
8611 N. 67th Ave., Glendale, AZ 85302 

The event is open to the public. Tickets are $75.00 per family, $90.00 per senior industry professional (five-hour CEUs available for administrators, managers and social workers) and can be purchased at or 602-327-3096. Lunch is included. Space is limited. Registration required. 

In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to experience what it feels like to have dementia first-hand through The Virtual Dementia Tour®, a scientifically proven method designed to build sensitivity and awareness in individuals caring for those with dementia.
Help My Senior guides families and senior professionals through the complex options in elder healthcare and offers hands-on mentoring and training through education to ensure quality care for seniors. For more information about this and all events in the series:
For more information about The Virtual Dementia Tour®:

Fallen Officer Golf Tournament

Kristen Glasser's husband, David, a Phoenix Police Officer, was killed in the line of duty in May 2016. In David's memory, Kristen established the David Glasser Foundation. This non-profit benefit from the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association's 2nd Annual Fallen Officers Memorial Golf Classic, set for Saturday, April 28, 2018, at the Wigwam Resort & Spa. 

The golf event which is tax deductible helps the Glasser Foundation fulfill its vision "to lead the way in promoting positive relationships between Law Enforcement Officers and the communities they serve." The tournament also will benefit Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) Charities. PLEA Charities' purpose is to provide for police while caring for community.

The event costs $150 per player. That includes greens fees, a cart, a memorial shirt and a hot catered lunch after you golf.

If you want to play, contact PLEA at 602-246-7869 or go online to register to play at today.

Beauty for Good Gala

Beauty for Good (non-profit) 2 local doctors (Dr. Ali & Dr. Tamir Mosharrafa) and brothers, have formed a nonprofit organization to help spread awareness and support of local non-profit organizations impacting lives in valley.  Hosting large gala event to spread awareness and raise for funds their 2018 Charitable Partners, "2nd Annual Beauty for Good Gala", Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa, Saturday April 14th 7 PM.  Fun "roaring 20s" Gatsby theme, with luxury silent auctions, charity raffles, casino gaming, live music & more! Proceeds to benefit 5 local charities. 

5 charitable partners:  Pearce Family Foundation, A2ndAct, Phoenix Dream Center, Prevent Child Abuse Arizona & Breast Reconstruction Awareness Campaign.  

2nd Annual Beauty for Good Gala
Saturday, April 14, 2018
7:00 pm -11:59 pm
Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa
"The Gold Room"
2400 E Missouri Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Ticket site

For more information: