Mosquito mistakes: What your doing to attract them

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Mosquito. (July 21, 2017) [Source: 3TV/CBS 5] Mosquito. (July 21, 2017) [Source: 3TV/CBS 5]
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They spread disease, ruin your BBQ and the warm weather is giving them new life!

Mosquito season is here in Arizona!

We have all heard it a million times we should not leave any standing water in the yard, but you could be doing things right now that are attracting them to your home.


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Let’s start with places those nasty pests like to live. If you have a lot of plants near the back door, move them.

Mosquitoes hang out in vegetation like potted plants and trees, moving them away from the porch might help out a bit.

If you have long grass, be sure to keep it short. That is another spot mosquitoes will gather.

Rain gutters: keep them clean and debris-free too. That is another notorious habitat for mosquitoes.

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Mosquitoes are not good at flying and even a small breeze can keep them off of you. Think about keeping a fan on the porch to blow them away!

What about those replant products?

We looked at looked at several scientific studies about popular products like citronella candles.

More than a few studies said they really do not do a good job repelling mosquitoes.

Spray products that contained DEET like OFF or Cutter did a much better job keeping the bugs away.

As for those devices that claim to repel mosquitoes with a high-frequency sound, a University of Arizona study said those products do not seem to be effective.

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