Police release body-cam video of man accused of killing kindergarten teacher

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(Source: Tucson Police Department) (Source: Tucson Police Department)
(Source: Tucson Police Department) (Source: Tucson Police Department)
Cathryn Gorospe and Charlie Malzahn (Source: Facebook and Maricopa County Sheriff's Office) Cathryn Gorospe and Charlie Malzahn (Source: Facebook and Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)

Police have released body cam video of Charlie Malzahn, a man accused of killing a Valley kindergarten teacher.

Cathryn Gorospe was last seen in October at a Flagstaff jail, bailing out her boyfriend, Malzahn. 

Gorospe's body was found a few days later in the town of Mayer.

[SPECIAL SECTION: The disappearance of kindergarten teacher Cathryn Gorospe]

The police video, taken one day after she was last seen in Flagstaff, provides a blood-chilling glimpse into the mind and behavior of 27-year-old Malzahn, who is the prime suspect in Gorospe's killing.

POLICE OFFICER:   "You have any idea why we are talking to you gentlemen?
POLICE OFFICER:  "What is your name?"

The Tucson body-cam video shows officers first approaching Malzahn and his buddy at a Tucson mall. The pair had raised some suspicions after using Gorospe's credit cards to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise.

That merchandise included sunglasses, sneakers and workout gear.

Malzahn at first gave his name as Kohl Nixon, and said he was using the credit card of a woman he met online, and that he had her permission to use the card.

CHARLIE MALZAHN:  "She's an older lady. She told me I could spend $1,200 on the card."
POLICE OFFICER: "Wait, what about a website?"
CHARLIE MALZAHN: "It's 'Cougar Life Only."
POLICE OFFICER: "What is that?"
CHARLIE MALZAHN: "It's an older lady that I'm dating."

The police were clearly suspicious of Malzahn. They soon they had him in handcuffs as they tried to contact Gorospe, who had bailed Malzahn out of jail in Flagstaff just the day before, and was found murdered shortly afterward.

POLICE OFFICER: "I'm getting her voice mail. She's not answering, dude."
CHARLIE MALZAHN: "It's her day off...she's a school teacher."
POLICE OFFICER: "So she should theoretically answer, right?"
CHARLIE MALZAHN: "Unless she's sleeping in. I've done nothing wrong, sir."

The drama drags on for nearly an hour, and becomes heated when  Malzahn gives the social security number of a woman named "Shaquala."

POLICE OFFICER: "You're lying to us, Charlie."
CHARLIE MALZAHN: "I'm not lying to you."
POLICE OFFICER: "OK, so your name is Shaquana...Shaquala..."
CHARLIE MALZAHN: "I figured you guys weren't real cops; just messing with me."
POLICE OFFICER:  "We're not real cops?"
CHARLIE MALZAHN: "I didn't know. Thought you were mall security."
POLICE OFFICER: "We're not real cops?" "Do we look like we're (beeping) dressed up for Halloween?"

But in the end, Malzahn was released and allowed to go, allegedly heading to ASU and assaulting a female student, before he was finally captured in Gorospe's bloody SUV.

POLICE OFFICER: "You were that close to going to jail for false information."

Malzahn remains locked up in Coconino County.

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