Company builds unique sprinkler system to stop mass shooters

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(KOAT/Meredith) – A company out of Minnesota is developing technology that it said could stop school shooters.

The idea is to use sprinklers against would-be gunmen.

The Crotega Threat Suppression System uses high tech sensors to detect gunshots, and then uses a vinegar-based mixture from a sprinkler to irritate the eyes, nose, and mouth of the gunman.

So far, the system has only been installed at an engineering firm, in Minnesota. Mark Brengman fully supports the defense system for his business.

"I just thought it was revolutionary," Brengman said.

He had the system installed after seeing countless school and office shootings on TV.

"It makes you feel ill, honestly," Brengman added. He said the total cost was around $60,000, per room, in his business.

Schools in New Mexico could soon install the system in hallways, according to KOAT. The current concern for district leaders is the funding for the new defense measure.  

Crotega describes its system as follows:

The TS 1000 System Series is a stand-alone Active Threat Suppression System.

The system is designed to Deter, Disrupt, and Delay™ active threats inside of buildings using pressurized water with active ingredients. This active water irritates the eyes, nose, lungs, and throat, and stings the skin, within seconds rendering the perpetrator unable to focus on continued violent behavior.

The threat suppression system can be installed in entrances, vestibules, lobbies, hallways, common areas, offices, classrooms, workplaces, and any other area of buildings deemed vulnerable by the building owner. Full coverage ensures a person posing a threat will not be able to move to an unprotected area to continue perpetrating violence. Fire and Building Codes do not address or limit installation of the threat suppression system.

Ease of installation in new and existing structures allows the building owner to quickly provide a greater level of safety to building occupants.

The threat suppression system is installed and commissioned by certified installers. Annual certifications are required by the manufacturer for proper maintenance and operation.

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