Diet talk with teens may cause weight issues later

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(CNN/Meredith) –  A new study from the Journal Pediatrics suggested that encouraging teens to diet may affect their weight and emotional health as an adult.

The study also said this encouragement to diet, not only negatively impacts the teen who's being asked to lose weight, but it may affect their children too, as they were more likely to do the same with their kids.

To help teens build a positive and healthy body image, start healthy habits when they are young.

Be the example. If they see a parent eating healthy, they are more likely to develop that habit. Trying to bribe children to eat vegetables or punish them if they don't?

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Try teaching them to grow the food, nourish and then make cooking with veggies fun. Encourage a positive body image.

Teach teens about the different body types and how one is no better than the others.

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