Drunk man accidentally takes $1,600 Uber ride

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(Meredith/KYW) – Kenneth Bachman did the responsible thing. He was at a party and knew he probably shouldn't drive home so he called an Uber. What he didn’t expect was the $1,600 bill he got.

Bachman was in Morgantown, West Virginia and needed to find a way back to Gloucester County, New Jersey, which is about a five-hour drive.

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He ordered an Uber ride, which he said he doesn’t really remember doing, then fell asleep in the car.

“I just woke up in the Uber next to an old dude just telling me I was an hour out from Jersey,” Bachman told KYW.

Once he made it home, he received the $1,600 bill.

“I was $1,635 and some change,” he said. He also added that he accidentally ordered the more expensive “Uber XL.”

Bachman paid his bill but said he still has to go back to West Virginia to get his bags.


Information for this article was provided by the CNN Wire and KYW.