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Javier Soto getting ready to smash! Javier Soto getting ready to smash!

Have you ever been so frustrated about work, finances, family, traffic or politics that you wanted to hit or throw a dish against the wall? Just got laid off, had a bad breakup or just had a rough day and need to smash something? Haven’t we all?

But, we usually don’t want to hurt anyone, break our possessions or destroy the house. Enter "Simply Smashing." It's a new rage room in Tempe that opened three months ago. 

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Simply Smashing Rage Release Room is a one-of-a-kind combination of fun, stress reduction and anger management, owned by Stephen Wilk, an entrepreneur, a former Sun Devil and dad with a vision.

"In 2004, I was watching the Blues Brothers and there is a scene where John Belushi and Dan Akroyd are driving their huge car through a shopping mall," Wilk said. As Wilk watched the scene unfold, and as the car crashes through glass walls, smashing dishes and crystal, he says he had an epiphany. "I thought, how lucky actors are to do things the rest of us would love to do, and this idea came to me." 

These rooms are popping up all over North America. As of November 2017, you don't have to bottle up your anger anymore. You can vent and release it guilt free at WIlk's Tempe rage room location. He says, so far, the business is a hit. "Ninety-nine percent come out exhausted with a huge smile on their faces," said Wilk. "They report that it was more fun than they thought it was going to be."

This safe place, that gives you permission to throw a fit, can be therapeutic and cathartic exercise. Best of all you don’t have to clean up. That might be why many of Wilk's customers are women. "Two-thirds of my customers come in just for the fun of it, while others have emotional stressors ranging from a bad week at work to dealing with cancer."

Inside the rage room, you'll spend up to 25 minutes bashing items from glassware, to keyboards, while rocking out to your favorite music on Bluetooth speakers. And your weapon of choice, could be baseball bats, crowbars, golf clubs and hammers, which are provided to you. Of course, safety is paramount.

They'll gear you up in coveralls, gloves and safety goggles. "One of the funniest things I saw, was a woman [who] threw a beer bottle too softly at the wall and it bounced back, she caught it, and then threw it again and smashed it."

And, don't think Wilk doesn't enjoy his own rage room. "I do go in and smash things to keep my angst in check," he tells us. "That way it doesn’t build up plus it’s a blast." For more info:

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