U of A alumni react to FBI basketball bribery investigation

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University of Arizona alums had a lot to say after learning of the FBI’s investigation into basketball coach Sean Miller bribing player Deandre Ayton to sign onto the Wildcats for $100,000.

“As far as ethics, sure it’s not supposed to be allowed but it’s happening. It’s happening all across… take a look at football I guarantee the same thing is going to come out there,” said Justin Gardner, a local U of A alumnus.

Fans say they believe the reason the University of Arizona is getting so much attention on the matter is because of how talented Ayton is, and because of the team’s expected success heading into March Madness. But they say though they know paying out these players isn’t ethical, they aren’t sure there’s any way to fix the system.

“These players are making millions of dollars for these schools so it’s going to happen either way whether it’s under the table or whether it’s allowed,” said Gardner.

Local fans say they are interested to find out if there will be any immediate systematic changes to college basketball, but despite the situation, will continue to support the University of Arizona basketball program.

“If Sean Miller has to go, he has to go, but I’m a U of A alum until I die,” said Blake Kuehner, a local U of A alumnus.

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