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Smart Phone Travel Photos

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Smart Phone Travel Photos
By: Sandey Tenuto, Sandra Tenuto Photography

Think you can't use your own phone to take great travel photos?? You can! Just follow a few simple rules.
1) First, it's important to think of yourself as a storyteller. After all, you are telling a story that captures a moment in time, and you should LOVE every aspect of it. 
2) Be mindful and present. Don’t think about the past ten minutes or worry about the future. What happens when you take photos simply happens. Capture it. 
3) Get close up with details…and get far away and wide to show open space! Add a person to show depth. Look at everything…textures, colors combos and movement.
4) Look at light! Morning light and last hour of light is always the best. But mid day photos can make pretty awesome shadows!
5) Alway take your photo with your phone camera setting and not your app.
6)  Great apps that I LOVE to use…Snapseed so I can control shadows, highlights and manipulate my photo for the best exposure.  Hipstamatic…it allows you to chose the type of film, lens and even add a digital flash. Great for giving your digital photos a “film” fell.
7) And the most important thing to remember is to not let taking photos interfere with your travel experience.
Happy Travels!

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