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Curry Chicken Cabbage Roll


Curry Chicken Cabbage Roll

Yield: 5 lbs        Shelf Life: 7 Days        Revised: 12/19/17            

Chicken  7-8 LB Cut to specs
Thyme  ¼ C Picked No Stems
Curry Power ¼ C 
White Vinegar ¼  C  
Black pepper 2 T Finely Ground
Sea Salt 3 T 
Pimento  1 T Finely Ground
Tomato  2.5 C Slice to specs
Scallion 3 C Slice to specs
Yellow Onion 3 C Sliced to specs
Habanero 1 EA Halved / Seeded

To Marinade & Cook:
1. Marinade chicken in all above ingredients.  Let marinade 1 hour or more
2. In a brazier add chicken with marinade.
3. Add 14 Cups of water.
4. On low, simmer chicken covered for 1 hour.

EVO   1 C 
Coconut Fresh  5 OZ Shredded 
Curry Chicken Gravy 2 C 
Lime Zest  2 t 
Lime Juice  1 T   

To Season & make Cabbage Roll:
1. Separate chicken from liquid/vegetables.
2. Pull chicken, no skin or bones.
3. Put curry chicken gravy into food processor.
4. Pass thru medium sieve.
5.  Crack open coconut, drain, shred meat using food processor.
6. Sauté 5 OZ shredded coconut in EVO until golden, add to pulled chicken.
7. Fold in 2C curry chicken gravy. Reserve remaining gravy for service.
8. Fold in Lime Zest and Lime Juice.
9. Blanch Green Cabbage Leaves in salty water.
10. Roll 4.5OZ shredded chicken in blanched cabbage leaf.

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