LIST: 5 bugs to love this Valentine's Day (and every day!)

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While many bugs inspire screeches, or at least an uttered "ick," there are some bugs that are rather loveable. These guys deserve our appreciation, because not only are they cute (mostly), but they're also good for your garden and the environment as a whole.

Here's a list of "love bugs" from Arrow Exterminators.

5. Honeybees

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Honeybees are social in nature and produce a yummy sweet treat we all enjoy!  Additionally, they pollinate beautiful flowers, many that are given at Valentine’s Day and more than 100 different crops across the United States, including apples, squash, soybeans and nuts.

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4. Crickets

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These are romantic little guys. Only male crickets chirp and in their quest to find the perfect mate, they produce an orchestra of romantic ballads to woo female crickets and repel other males. Additionally, after a successful mating, they will chirp a song of celebration.

3. Dragonflies

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This beautiful four-winged flyer deserves a lot of love, especially if you don’t like mosquitoes! Dragonflies have been around since dinosaurs roamed the earth and they feed on mosquitoes, helping to control the local population. 

2. Fireflies

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Fireflies are the ultimate love bug, using their soft glow like candlelight to attract new mates. What could be more romantic than collecting them on a warm summer night? Fireflies are usually found in humid climates, especially near ponds, streams and marshes.

And, drumroll please...

1. Ladybugs

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Not only are these insects adorable and thought to bring good luck, they provide a sustainable solution to keeping real pests out of your garden since they feed on aphids which are known to harm plants. 

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