To detox or not to detox? That is the question

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Not many people know it, but most of us have been taught the wrong way to think about health and weight loss and it's totally holding us back. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5) Not many people know it, but most of us have been taught the wrong way to think about health and weight loss and it's totally holding us back. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

By Lauren McBride

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Not many people know it but most of us have been taught the wrong way to think about health and weight loss and it's totally holding us back.

Most people misguidedly believe that in order to be healthy we must only do things like exercise, eat healthy and take supplements. "Calories in vs. calories out," heard that one before?

And unfortunately, this limited thinking equals limited results.


If you're unable to lose all the weight you want or struggle with energy throughout the day or have consistent cravings for sugar and refined carbohydrate, limited knowledge about your health is likely the root of the issue.

But no worries, I'm going to teach you how undoing is just as important as doing when it comes to your weight loss efforts and working toward vibrant health.

In fact, if you have goals of feeling better in your skin and improving your overall wellness that you're committed to, I guarantee that this information will change the way you think about and act upon your health and fitness efforts forevermore.

If you've hit a plateau in your results, this concept will ignite your metabolism and get you back to seeing improvements.

If you can't seem to stick to something long enough to even see results, this concept will help you remove the mental, emotional and physical roadblocks that have always gotten in your way!

We should be putting SO MUCH MORE emphasis on how many chemicals and nutrients are in our foods than calories. Don't get me wrong, calories have their role too. But if you are junking up your body with toxins, and nutrient void foods your metabolism is going to suffer along with many other things.

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I'm going to be honest, when I was first starting out in this industry as a personal trainer 15 years ago I believed the "calories are king" myth. After watching some of my clients, no matter how strict they were at sticking to my nutrition plan and showing up to their training sessions, could not get to the weight loss that others saw more easily.

I knew there was something missing.

Fast forward quite a few years and quite a bit of schooling to become a holistic nutritionist.

I now know it's because there are so many other factors involved beyond how many calories we eat including our hormones, acidity in our body, metabolism, inflammation, mental focus, gut health, sleep patterns and overall how well our body is functioning as a whole.

 And guess what? Toxins negatively affect all of these factors!

The truth is, a toxic body is much more likely to carry extra weight than a "clean" body.

It's pretty obvious nowadays that we need to start being more sensitive to our chemical exposure. We see BPA-free, GMO-free, organic, toxic-free labels on products all over the place, helping us make safer choices.

We're more aware now than ever before.

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If there's nothing more you take away from this post, I want you to know this- It is so important to remove toxins from your body and lifestyle in order to keep your hormones in balance, your energy high, your mind clear and your body functioning at its prime so you can see the health and fitness goals you're after and well, look youthful and live an abundant life too!

We must UNDO the damage that's already been done. Supporting our body's natural ability to remove the toxins that it's overburdened with.

Because the fact is, as miraculous your body is, it wasn't designed to keep up with the toxic load in our modern-day world and it needs your help.

Creating a clean slate, a toxic-free body, is the best foundation you can have for a fit and healthy lifestyle.

I like to go even a step further than just detoxing the body because we all know how toxic thoughts hold us back, right? For this reason, removing the negative mental habits we have is crucial to a life of vibrant wellness as well.

After searching for a detox for myself 4 years ago to prepare my body for pregnancy, I realized there wasn't a gradual, safe and super effective detox out there. 

So, I created one for myself then refined it, perfected it, added a mental and beauty detox component to it, and then had over 50 women go through the program with incredible body-changing and life-changing results. 

And now the Free Yourself, Mind-Body-Beauty Detox is available at

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Here are the five ways you can add detoxing into your lifestyle that I shared on the news today: 

  1. SKIN BRUSHING - Find a dry natural bristle brush and brush your skin from feet to shoulders in long, firm (but not too hard) toward your heart before taking a shower, bath or going in a sauna. This helps stimulate the lymphatic system which helps remove toxic waste from your body. 
  2. CHLORELLA - Toxic heavy metals are hiding all over the place from our drinking water, fish products, makeup and even the air we breathe. It's important to get these harmful substances out of our system and chlorella does just that! It acts as a heavy metal magnet, binding to them for natural elimination. 
  3. LIVER DETOXIFYING FOODS - Eating foods that help stimulate, support, and detox the liver is one of the best ways to support detoxification. These foods include (but are not limited to): beets, carrots, grapefruit, apples and green leafy vegetables.   
  4. JUICING - If it's hard for you to get enough veggies in your diet, juicing is an amazing way to get pounds of veggies in just a few gulps, and it can be tasty too. Doing a prolonged juice cleanse (under a program) can help give your digestion a break and allow more of your body's energy to go to detoxing. 
  5. SWEATING - Whether it's hot yoga, a sauna, a heart-pounding workout or sitting in a hot detox bath, sweating is an amazing way to get toxins out of your system. Aim to get sweaty at least five days a week and make sure you're super hydrating to make up for the water loss. 

Whether you work with me, someone else, or do all the research yourself, promise me one thing, you will focus on detoxifying the harmful substance in your body and life (in a safe way). Your health, fitness and overall well-being count on it. 

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