Watch: Baby monitor captures thief burglarizing home

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(Photo: WPLG, Gonzalo family via CNN Wire) (Photo: WPLG, Gonzalo family via CNN Wire)

(CNN) – A Florida homeowner discovered a burglar breaking into his home after footage of the event was captured on his family's baby monitor.

Guillermo Gonzalo said even though no one was home during the break-in, he and his family don’t feel any less violated.

“I’m receiving a notification that someone’s in my house,” he told WPLG. “Oh, it was horrible.”

When he checked his phone, he saw a man in a dark sweatshirt enter their home. Quickly, Gonzalo called 911.

Guillermo said he thinks the thief cut the screen, then tried going through the back before breaking into his daughter’s window. The thief stole purses and old cell phones before slipping back out through the window.

“You feel powerless. And you’re the provider of the house. You’re the father. The husband,” he told WPLG. “You’ve got to make sure people are protected. And this is supposed to be your fortress and you can’t do anything about it.”

Police are still searching for the suspect.

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